Do PayPal Refunds Go Back To Credit Card?

In the growing era of technology we all serve to innovate and explore and the same goes with the service providers who are coming up with the latest possible services in revolving the services we render. PayPal is one of the oldest and a much secured platform which allows us to enjoy free transactions to people all over the world. Its services are not limited to any particular region as it is supported by a lot of countries.

You can easily pay through the balance that you have in your PayPal account or the payment methods you’ve added in the application. Supposedly you made a payment with the help of your credit card through the medium of PayPal which did not get completed but the amount got deducted from your account and now the only provoking thought in your mind is Do PayPal refunds go back to credit card? No worries, in that case the below mentioned points will help you with the same;

Refunds from PayPal to your credit card

You can easily get a refund from PayPal to your credit card;

  1. To claim a refund, first you’ll have to make a request for the same.
  2. Draft and send an email to the seller to whom you made the payment.
  3. Keep a note that the payment can only be refunded for the payments made in the time span of 180 days.
  4. Once you send an email, ask the seller to go to the option of ‘Transaction details’ and select ‘Issue a refund’
  5. The refund will be requested then.
  6. If you made the payment with the help of your credit card, the amount will reflect back in your card.
  7. The time of refund completely depends upon the company of the credit card that you use.
  8. If you made the payment with the help of combining your credit card and your PayPal balance, in that case the amount will reflect in your PayPal account.

Duration to receive a refund from PayPal in your credit card

If you are worried about the time it will take for PayPal to refund your amount to your credit card then the below mentioned points will help you with the same;

  1. Usually it takes 2-5 business working days for the refund to reflect in your credit card.
  2. The maximum time for the refund to get credited in your account is 30 days.
  3. You can expect to get a refund in the maximum time span of 30 days.
  4. The refund will be provided in the same way you made the payment.
  5. The time for the refund to be provided to your PayPal account is less than the duration for you to get the refund in your credit or debit card.

If it takes more than that, you can also get in touch with the customer support team of PayPal as they’ve created the best possible measure for you to get the assistance you require in your preferred medium. All you need to do for that is just visit the official ‘Contact Us’ page on the website of PayPal and you’ll find different ways through which you can get in touch with the support team.

Therefore, the query of How Long Will My Refund Take to Process? Can be easily sorted out with the help of the above mentioned points and you can just sit back and relax till the time you get your refund as your money is safe and they provide fast assistance too. Once the refund is initiated, it is just a matter of time till you receive it in your credit account.

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