How to Fix Canon Printer Error 5200?

To try and resolve the 5200 error, please unplug the power cord from the back of the unit and leave it out for at least 10 minutes, then plug it back in and turn it back on. If the error persists, the unit may require servicing to resolve the issue. Canon printers at times show the 5200 error. This error can stop you from printing. If you are experiencing this error then below are methods that can help you resume printing activity.

Method 1- Reset your canon printer

In this method, you have to perform resetting of your printer. The necessary steps under this method are-

  1.      Turning the printer off by clicking on the Power button.
  2.      Pressing and holding the stop button
  3.      Pressing and holding Power On button
  4.      As the Power On button is held the stop/reset button needs to be released.
  5.      As Power On button is held, stop/reset button is to be pressed twice.
  6.      Once done the Power On button has to be released.
  7.      Wait until the printer displays an “idle message”. Normally this message is displayed in a minute time.
  8.      As the “idle” message appears the top cover is to be opened for exposing the cartridges.
  9.      The cover for cartridge holder is to be lifted up, and Black and Color cartridges are to be taken out.
  10.      The cover of the cartridge holder is to be returned.
  11.      The printer must be turned off
  12.      Top cover should be placed again and printer to be turned on
  13.      Once the printer initialises, the cartridges are to be returned.

Method 2- Installation of repair tools 

You can solve this printer issue by installing the repair tools. These tools are readily available on many websites. These could either be paid or could be used for free. Also, a special tool that allows for fixing of the Canon printer errors 5200 is available. This particular tool has been developed by Microsoft and can even help optimise the performance of your computer.

Method 3- Contacting the expert

If the above methods did not work well and you are unable to solve the error then you should contact an expert. So practice the above methods and solve your printer issue so that you can use your printer without an interruption as and when you require. It will help you learn How To Fix Canon Printer Error 5200.

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