How Can I Find American Airlines Ticket Number?

Your ticket number can be found on your credit card bill. Just look at your credit card billing on line after the ticket status is "Ticketed". It's a 13-digit number starting with 001 for AA. When you book paid or award flights, the airline will give you a record locator (also called a confirmation number, or, in the case of British Airways, a booking reference). Record locators are handy because you can easily pull up your flight itinerary and view everything you need to know about your flight (dates, times, airports, and seats).

  1. It’s also useful if you’ve booked a flight for someone other than yourself. That’s because you can give the passenger the confirmation number and they can view their flight without your airline account information.
  2. You can modify your trip details with a record locator! Like change or cancel your trip, switch seats, and more.
  3. Find Your American Airlines Record Locator With a British Airways Booking Reference
  4. You can book American Airlines flights with British Airways Avios points through the British Airways website. Folks like doing this because you can book short flights (up to 1,151 miles) for only7,500 British Airways Avios points. That’s a great deal!
  5. However, when you book an American Airlines flight on British Airways, you will NOT get an American Airlines record locator. And you can’t choose seats on your American Airlines flights through the British Airways website (though the site will usually offer to redirect you to the American Airlines website). So it’s helpful to have an American Airlines record locator.

Here’s how to find your American Airlines record locator with your British Airways booking reference!

Step 1. Find Your British Airways Booking Reference

Locate your British Airways “booking reference.” This should have popped up on your webpage after you bought your airfare. British Airways will also email it to you for safekeeping.

You’ll See Your Booking Reference Immediately After You’ve Purchased Your Ticket

Remember that number! You’ll need it for the next steps.

Step 2. Navigate to the American Airlines Website

Go to the American Airlines website. On the front page, click on the “My Trips/ Check-In” tab. You don’t have to sign-in (you don’t even need an American Airlines account!).

Click the “My Trips/ Check-In Tab”

Step 3. Enter Your Name and British Airways Confirmation Number

It’s time to put that number from before to use! The only information you need to retrieve your American Airlines record locator is the name of the passenger and the British Airways booking reference. Type them in and click “Find Reservation“.

Type the Passenger Name and British Airways Booking Reference

Step 4. Find Your American Airlines Record Locator

That’s it! You’ll be able to see your American Airlines flights and unique record locator. The record locator will be easy to spot near the top left of the page.

You Can Now View the American Airlines Flights You Booked Through the British Airways Website

From this page you can choose your seats, email your trip, and more.

Bottom Line

When you book a ticket that uses more than 1 airline, you’ll only receive the record locator for the airline you used to book the ticket. For example, when you book a British Airways itinerary that includes American Airlines flights, you will NOT be given the record locator for your American Airlines flights. So you won’t be able to manage your American Airlines flights.

But you can easily find your American Airlines record locator if you type your British Airways booking reference into the American Airlines website. Then you can manage your flight details, like modifying dates and choosing seats.

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