How Can I Get More Likes on TikTok Account?

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  1. Create a simple and catchy username and bio.
  2. Link your Instagram and YouTube to TikTok.
  3. Make your profile privacy Public.
  4. Follow the latest trends on the Discover page.
  5. Use popular sounds and hashtags.
  6. Find your own content niche.
  7. Use good lighting in your videos.

How do I increase my Tik Tok fans and likes?

Here's how you can go about adding loads of followers to your account:

  1. Enter the username of your desired TikTok account and choose the device.
  2. Choose “Proxy ON” to keep your IP address hidden (Recommended).
  3. Choose how many fans, and likes you desire.
  4. Click the “confirm” button.

How can I get 1m likes on TikTok?

Your initial videos with Here are the 10 simple steps on How to get more likes and fans on TikTok in 2019.

  1. Be a Vibrant User.
  2. Use Hashtags.
  3. Do Out-Of-The-Box Stuff.
  4. You should post regularly.
  5. Pick High-Quality Audio Tracks.
  6. You should reply all comments.
  7. Viewers can't skip good quality videos.
  8. Be Regular and Punctual.

How do you get 100k likes on TikTok?

let's talk about what to do to get famous on TikTok:

  1. Post regularly.
  2. Be Consistent.
  3. Pick a niche and stick to it.
  4. Connect with other influencers under same niche.
  5. Go live alteast once in a week.
  6. Share all your videos on other Social Media.
  7. Mention your TikTok profile link in your Instagram Account.

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