How Can I Override Authentication Code On Facebook?

Nowadays, social networking platforms have become a huge rage among users to reach out to the masses and stay connected with the people situated on far off locations. At present, there are multiple active social networking platforms, but Facebook is the most preferred one. 

Known for offering the finest services and video/voice call feature, Facebook has managed to become popular among the masses. And with such great services offered by Facebook the service providers have ensured that the users are offered with the best security features like two-factor authentication. 

About two-factor authentication feature

For users who are not aware, two-factor authentication is a security feature that adds a security layer to protect the account of the user. Also, once this feature is enabled, the user is provided with a code that helps in identifying the owner at the time of sign-in.

Indeed, two-factor authentication is an amazing security feature, but some users might fail to verify their identity because of lost access to the particular email account or phone number linked for authentication. In such cases, the users are only left with the option to override the verification code. 

Ways to override verification code on Facebook

Besides, for the users who have queries on How Can I Override Authentication Code On Facebookthey can check out the steps mentioned below. 

1. Use codes assigned by Facebook

To override the Facebook authentication code, the user can use the security codes offered by Facebook. This feature is only available for users who have enabled two-factor authentication. The user can simply use any of the codes offered and override the authentication code and regain access to their account.

2. Reset the account password 

One of the best ways to override authentication code is by resetting the Facebook account password. For the password reset process, the user needs to follow the steps provided:

  1. Click on Forgot password link present on the homepage. 
  2. Further, provide the email or phone number used for accessing the account. 
  3. Now, select send code via email option and provide the code to complete the verification process.
  4. Then, create a new password for the Facebook account and click on the Save button. 

3. Access Facebook using third-party services

Alternatively, the user can try accessing their Facebook account by using the third-party application like Google. For this, it is required that the user has linked the Google account to the Facebook account. 

Hence, these are the few solutions to resolve the query about How Can I Override Authentication Code On FacebookAnd in case, if the user fails to access their Facebook account, they can contact the help center to seek the required help. 

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