How Can I Remove Virus From Laptop or Computer?

A virus is something that creates various problems in the proper use of your customer service. Numerous people use Laptops or computers to finish their digital activities but some of them are incapable of doing it completely. If you are one of them, then you should make every possible effort to erase the virus from your device. Now, let's look at the process to eradicate viruses from your laptop and computer.

How To Remove Virus From Laptop?

It takes very little time to remove a malicious virus from your laptop. Here, you are required to make use of the methods that are given below.

Use End Task Manager

  1. Open your laptop and log in to your account to visit its home screen.
  2. On your keypad, press and hold Ctrl + Shift + Esc to open the task manager.
  3. Go to the processes tab and examine all the programs to find the virus.
  4. Once you find that, click on the End Task button to stop the activity of the virus.

Use Command Prompts

  1. Open your laptop and open the search box by selecting its option.
  2. Type cmd in it and continue your search for that program.
  3. Select the first result in which you choose Run As Administrator.
  4. Type the F key and click on Enter to move ahead.
  5. Type attribute -s -h -r /s /d *.* and select the enter key.
  6. Now, type dir in the required field and use that command to load all your files.
  7. At this step, you will be able to detect the virus through extensions like autorun and .inf.  

After this, you should remove the file on which you found to be infected. If you are still thinking about How To Remove Virus From Laptop, then contact any technical support official. This official will provide extra information to you to resolve your issue. The technical expert will guide you to resolve the issue which you are facing through its vast technical knowledge. You just need to provide details about the present software condition and other information to him.

How To Remove Virus From Computer?

When it comes to the computer, again you have two methods using which you can easily erase the virus from your computer. Here, you are required to make use of the following methods.

Remove Virus in Safe Mode

  1. Launch your computer and visit its system configuration application.
  2. For this, you need to type MSconfig in the search bar of the run application.
  3. Select the Boot tab and check the Safe boot box as well in the network section.
  4. Click on Apply and finally select the OK button.
  5. Exit safe mode and remove the virus from your computer.

Use the Antivirus Program

  1. Open your computer and download an antivirus program.
  2. Reboot your computer and delete any temporary file.
  3. Run a virus scan and detect a virus on your computer.
  4. Remove the virus by following all the commands given to you.

Once the virus is removed, you are recommended to restart your device. However, some users still face some problems in using their device properly. They always wonder How To Remove Virus From Computer and use their devices without any obstacles. In this case, you should get in touch with 24/7 available tech support guys who will assist you with their immense information to resolve your issue.

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