How can I Stop Google Chrome From Freezing?

Google Chrome is the one which presents a mixture of sophisticated technology and minimal design. This helps in turning the experience of web browsing safer, quicker, and easier. It enhances users’ experience by releasing an updated version of Chrome regularly. When you update Google Chrome to its newest version you will keep vulnerabilities and insecurities at bay. Again, updating to the newest version means access to the newest features too.

How to stop Google Chrome from getting crashed?


Though Chrome is one of the popular web browsers, yet it causes countless problems and errors to the users because it crashes sometimes. If you find that Chrome has crashed, you needed to identify the underlying problems for fixing them suitably. The error messages look like:

  • Google Chrome files are deleted or moved
  • Vital Google Chrome files are corrupt or damaged

So, based on the aforementioned messages, you can assume that crash is the result of many issues.


If you have stepped forward to fix crashes then initially, you must


·        Reboot your computer - When you have encountered a crash for the very first time then refresh the browser by resuming your computer. If you find that the crash is repeating then you should run one reinstallation process.

Select START>Control Panel>Add/Remove Programs. Here you will find the names of all applications that have been installed in your system and in the list when you will find Google Chrome Browser and from here you can UNINSTALL or REMOVE.

·        Scan for Malware – Sometimes, malware interferes with Google Chrome and compels it to crash. Now, if you are encountering regular crashes, you must scan your PC with antivirus software, such as Microsoft Security Essentials.

If none of the above remedies work in your favour and your Google Chrome keep crashing then you can called Google Chrome helpline number and talk to an expert and inform that your Google Chrome not working.

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