How can I use Telegram without phone number?

Telegram has gained a big name in the domain of messaging due to the services provided by them. Users across the world use it to perform effective communication. Almost every youngster knows about the usage and the features provided by the app. But account creation on Telegram is not easy as it requires out proper verification. In case if you want to use the Telegram app without a phone number, you should go through the details provided in this article.

Procedure to use out the Telegram without phone number:

In case if the question is persisting in your mind, “How can I use Telegram without  phone number?”. Then it would help if you went through the details which we have provided below:

Getting out the Telegram Using the TextNow App:

It is the most common way of using out the Telegram app without using the primary phone number. But there are steps required to perform the procedure, which we get to see in the below-mentioned pointers;

  1. Firstly, the users are required to Download the Textnow app.
  2. After it gets downloaded, users are required to perform the set-up procedure, and it gets completed; you should note down the phone number.
  3. In this step, users are required to download the Telegram App.
  4. After putting out the official details taken from the Textnow app, you can get the Telegram verification code on your Email Address or the phone number.
  5. After completion of the fourth step, you are required to verify the Telegram app using Textnow.
  6. Finally, the set-up procedure of Telegram has been completed.

Using the landline phone number:

Imagine that verification has not been completed through the steps as mentioned earlier, then the users should go through the pointers which w are provided in the below-mentioned instructions:

  1. In the first step, users are required to enter out the landline number in Telegram.
  2. Now, you have to wait until the Telegram calls you.
  3. After the phone is received, you get to find the verification code and enter it out carefully.
  4. Finally, your account gets verified.

After reading out the detailed guidelines covering the “Telegram account recovery”, in case you are dealing with additional questions, go through the customer service of Telegram.

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