How do I Cancel a Payment Made Through PayPal?

PayPal users may sometime wish to cancel some particular payment due to different reasons. These payments can be recurring and subscription-related, or it can be an unclaimed or pending payment as well. It doesn't matter much that what kind of payment, a PayPal user needs to cancel, still they have the authority to do it. Moreover, this page is the best place to collect the most genuine data regarding canceling a payment, which is made by a person through PayPal. Therefore, refer to the steps discussed below to understand the accurate procedure of canceling a payment done through PayPal.

How To Cancel a Recurring or Subscription Payment?

A recurring or subscription payment is that which is already saved in the account of a PayPal user for the things which need to be paid in a particular time period. Hence, the steps for cancelling a subscribed or recurring payment is as listed below:

  1. Open the official web page of PayPal on a browser
  2. Then login to your account by entering a username and password
  3. Next, press settings icon from  the upper right corner of home screen
  4. Now press the payments button from the list given under settings
  5. Then you will see a Manage pre-approved payment notification
  6. Next, select a particular payment by filtering through the available list
  7. Then the payment window of that particular bill will open next
  8. Hence, you will see the cancel button besides the status option
  9. Click the cancel button and a confirmation notice will appear on the screen
  10. Tap Yes for confirming cancellation of that payment

How To Cancel an Unclaimed or Pending Payment?

You need to follow a different procedure for cancelling those payments, which are either pending or unclaimed. Hence, the steps to cancel an unclaimed or pending payment on PayPal are enlisted below:

  1. Go to the PayPal web page from a browser
  2. Then sign-in to your PayPal account by providing the login credentials
  3. Now go to the activity tab available on the top panel of PayPal home screen
  4. Open the activity tab and then navigate towards the pending payments
  5. Next, select a particular payment from the list below the pending tab
  6. Then bill details of your pending payment will appear
  7. Now you have to click cancel button available with the status option
  8. Next tap cancel payment button and then press Yes on the confirmation screen

Hence, your query regarding how do I cancel a payment made through PayPal? explained above successfully by proofing the most accurate details on it. Apart from that, you can contact a technical expert from the customer care team of PayPal, who will guide you perfectly towards cancelling a pending or recurring payment with them. Besides, you can also ask the customer care representative of PayPal about any other difficulty you may be facing with your account.

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