How do i Fix Google Maps Error 400?

Google maps are useful and are the most used GPS among users. Users can face issues and minor glitches while using Google maps. It is easier to locate places using the GPS tool provided by Google. The Google maps application is one of the most popular among users across the globe. 

Individuals can travel without worrying about knowing the exact directions to reach a particular place. The GPS work on its own to deliver the right direction to ease travel for users. 

Numerous advantages are associated with Google maps and facing errors will create issues and may hamper the travel for users. One of the most common issues faced by users is the 404 error. 

Where there is an error there is a solution to fix it. Users can stick to the steps by step guide mentioned below to move ahead with fixing the 404 Error with Google Maps. 

How do I fix Google error 400?

Google users can stick to the below-mentioned ways to eradicate the 404 error with Google maps. 

  1. Open your web browser and navigate to the following link to initiate the process:
  2. Users need to select ctrl+shift+l to open the Google maps inspector page. 
  3. Select the application present at the top side of the inspector. 
  4. Select the “menu” option and then look for the cookies option. 
  5. Select the cookies option and look for other options on the tab. Select the following link on the page:
  6. A new page will pop up. Look at the list of cookies and enter gsScrollPos in the box on the page.
  7. Users need to select the first cookie on the page and hit the delete option. 
  8. In the end, users need to select F5 to refresh the tab. 

If users are worried about How To Fix Google Maps Error, stick to the steps mentioned above. The steps will troubleshoot the problem arising because of the 404 error. 

Users can connect with the customer service department to get help and assistance with Google 404 errors. Users can speak with the customer service department to get proper solutions for Google 404 errors. 

Users can stick to the below-mentioned ways to get in touch with the customer service department at Google. 

  • Connect using the helpline number:

Google users can connect with the designated customer service team to get help with Google maps. Users need to dial the Google maps contact number to reach the customer service department at google. The professionals at Google will provide optimum assistance and help with eradicating errors with Google maps. 

  • Drop an email. 

Get assistance with Google Maps using the customer service email address to eliminate errors with Google Maps. Users can get proper assistance with Google maps through an email. A professional from the customer service department will get back to you at the earliest with optimum solutions. 

  • Visit the official help center. 

Users can visit the official help center to get answers to frequently asked questions related to Google maps. Users are able to find proper solutions to queries and glitches related to Google Maps Toll Free Number.

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