How Do i Get My Boarding Pass From Alaska Airlines?

If you are looking out for printing boarding pass as you have already booked your flight on Alaska Airlines. Then you should not miss this post to read as here you will get a complete procedure for it.

  1. To get the Alaska Airlines Boarding Pass Print, the first step you need to make is going to its website.
  2. Once you reach there, you have to click on the Check-In tab.
  3. Then you will require to provide the departure city, choose an option to option to retrieve the flight booking, and fill the details.
  4. After that, you are required to click on the Check-In option.
  5. Thereafter, you will see the option to choose seats on the aircraft. Also, you can purchase the desired seats on the aircraft if not accessible for you.
  6. As soon as, you are done with the seat selection, you will get the Alaska Airlines Boarding Pass Print for your flight. You can download the boarding pass or else, you can print the boarding pass.
  7. In this way, you will save your time to get a boarding pass at the airport. Also, there are a few points that you should know before your check-in online on Alaska Airlines.

Some Points Worth to Consider Before Alaska Airlines Check-In

  1. If you are going to travel through the Alaska Airlines international flights, then, you can check-in for your flight 60 minutes prior to the scheduled departure, whereas, for domestic flights, the time is 40 minutes.
  2. Also, the passenger who is traveling from Guadalajara would get 90 minutes of baggage cut-off time.
  3. In addition, you have to check-in 30 minutes prior to your flight time along with a valid boarding pass if you are traveling only with a carry-on bag. Just in case, if you get late, it may cause the flight cancellation or your reserved seat as well.

Apart from this, if you have other queries rather than these points or you are seeing boarding pass print issues? Then, you should contact the reservation support team of Alaska Airlines. They will help you to get you the boarding pass for your flight.  

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