How Do I get My Boarding Pass From EVA Air?

Do you have doubts that whether you will be getting the boarding pass or not? If yes then you shall relax as no airline will make you sit for long and wait. You get the boarding pass instantly by the airlines. And EVA Air is the airline which offers high-class services and one of which is the facility of printing boarding pass online. This not only saves the time of passengers but also benefits them in many other ways. So, let us discuss Eva Air and its services. 

Want to Know Eva Air? 

Eva air corporation is the flag carrier airline service of Taiwan which is headquartered in Taoyuan International Airport. This Taiwanese airline offers its services to carry both cargo goods and passengers with the help of aircraft which are 78 in number. These aircraft are used to operate to more than 62 destinations in different parts of the world. Known for outstanding service and giving utmost customer satisfaction this airline is never behind in competing in the aviation market. So, if you are sceptical of the service of this airline then give a chance to Eva Air to serve you so that you can experience the hospitality by Eva Air. 

Services and Functions By Eva Air 

In case you do not know what are the services of Eva air be like then you may read this piece of information to make yourself familiar with its services. 

  1. The aircraft of Eva air so designed that they are divided into various classes for the convenience of its passengers. These classes are ranging from low to high based on the fare charges as well as other in-flight services. 
  2. These classes are Business class, Premium Class and Economy class. Tp experiences the luxuries of travelling the passenger may prefer business class as it has convertible seat into a bed. And for short haul flight, the passengers may choose Economy class which has reclining seat and another facility. 
  3. Eva air also has trained and friendly flight attendants who help the passengers in Eva air seat booking on and off the board. 
  4. Also, Eva air knows how to manage its traveller's booking. Hence, gives the option of change, cancellation or editing the booking. 
  5. Eva air also saves the time of passengers by offering online facilities like online check-in, printing and saving boarding pass, online booking and much more. 

So, after knowing some of the features of Eva air you can book the airline soon. And after booking if you want to save boarding pass then you do not have to rush to some other place. Read the article further to print boarding pass from Eva air. 

Now Get Boarding Pass Even Before Reaching the Airport! 

  1. Land on the preferred web browser and visit the official website of Eva air. 
  2. Tap on “Web Check-in” option from the top of the page and tap “Next”. 
  3. A new window gets displayed in front of you to enter the booking reference number and the last name in the space given and tap “Next”. 
  4. The details of the corresponding booking get displayed in front of you. Tap on it and tick off the names of passengers who are ready for check-in and click “Next”. 
  5. Moving on, the passengers may then check the flight detail and proceed to select the seat from the seating arrangement displayed in front of you and tap “Continue”. 
  6. Then enter the personal details like flight name, departure city, departure timings passport number, baggage details etc and tap “Save”. 
  7. Then the passengers may tap “Save and Print Boarding Pass” and select the option whether you want to save in mail or take a print out in hard copy. 

Hence, with the help of the above steps, the passengers may easily check-in and get the boarding pass. And this facility helps the passengers do not necessarily rush to the airport. This process can be done from anywhere provided you have a good internet connection. Getting the check-in done online and printing the boarding pass the passengers can easily avoid long queues and long waiting time at the airport. They can directly enter the airport and go towards the boarding section and sit back and relax in the aircraft. 

Contacting Eva Air Customer Support

Apart from this, Eva air also has a dedicated and separate customer support team. This customer support team is introduced to help the passengers before, during and even after the journey. Hence, they are present on different platforms which is the toll-free Eva air customer service number, chat support or email support. All the means of customer support is 24/7 active so that the passengers may contact anytime without any hesitation and irrespective of the time zone. 

Therefore with the help of the above information, you must not miss a chance to book the desirable seat in Eva air. 


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