How do I get rid of a green screen on my TV?

Are you unable to watch your favorite series on TV just because it shows a green screen? Or if you are unable to play games on it because you get the strain in your eyes with that green color of the screen? If yes, then you shall not panic as it is a very common issue and that you are not alone. Many other users happen to face such an issue and are sailing in the same boat to find the resolution. 

And as you have landed here in search of your answers then you shall not panic as we have you covered. In this article you will learn about the reasons behind Roku green screen and its ways to fix it as well. 

Reasons for TV Screen Turning into Green Color! 

When the TV screen turns green in color it can be quite frustrating as it not only strains your eyes but also stops you from watching the screen. To fix the issue let us have a look at the reasons that can cause such issues. 

  1. If you are using a set-top box like Roku then it can be because of this that your TV screen has turned green when its signal is not reaching. 
  2. Also, this can cause issues with the television’s picture tube. 
  3. Another reason can be because of the magnetic interference from the speakers that can cause the TV screen to turn green.  
  4. If an external surround sound is connected to your TV then also you can face such issues as these speakers have magnets and they can create a magnetic field leading to Green screen on Live TV and much more. 

And there can be many other reasons which can cause your TV screen to turn green. Let us now discuss the ways to fix the same. 

Ways to Fix Green Screen on Tv! 

  1. Let Us Start with the set-top box settings. Check the set-top box settings and if this does not work then you can contact the digital customer service if they can help.
  2. Take the help of television repair experts who can have a look at your picture tube and fix the same. 
  3. Check if because of any external speakers the magnetic field is creating such issues then you can remove the speakers.  
  4. Also, commonly, users may face Roku error code 014 and that can lead to such issues. To fix the error he can contact Roku customer service. 

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