How do I Recover My PayPal Account Without a Phone?

Method 1 Resetting Your Password If You Can't Login

  1.     Go to the PayPal login page.
  2.     Click “Having trouble logging in?”
  3.     Enter the email address for your PayPal account, and complete the captcha text.
  4.     Select a verification method.
  5.     Enter the security code.
  6.     Enter your new password.
  7.     Confirm the new password.

How do I recover my PayPal account?

Here's how to recover your password:

  1. Go to
  2. Click "forgot?" 
  3. Click "Get started."
  4. Click "I don't know my password."
  5. Enter the email address you used to create your PayPal account.
  6. Enter the security code, without spaces, then click Continue.
  7. Click "by phone."

Indeed, advancement in technology has provided us with multiple services and products which made it easier for us to perform various online activities. And one such development includes PayPal. For those who are not aware, PayPal is an online payment system which supports online transfers. Further, it acts as an electronic alternative for money orders and checks. Hence, it is one of those payment services which has made the payment process simpler and instant. 

Also, to make the payment service user-friendly the developers have introduced various features in their application to make payment easier and simpler. Further, the users are offered with an option to add recovery details that one can be used at the time of the PayPal password reset. Moreover, one can also edit their account details to ensure the security of their account. 

And with such amazing features offered there is hardly any chance that user will face any security issues with the account. However, there are times when users fail to access their PayPal account because of the lost password. Luckily, the developers introduced various recovery modes that one can opt to easily recover their PayPal account. Besides, there are many users who have a query on how they can perform PayPal account recovery without a phone number. So, to resolve this query, here you will be provided with a simple procedure that you can follow to recover your PayPal account. 

Recovering PayPal account without phone

  1. For this process, the user is required to visit
  2. Once the website is launched, the user needs to click on the Login button present on the home screen. 
  3. After the login page is launched, the user is required to click on Forgot email and password option. 
  4. Further, provide the username or email linked to your PayPal account and click on the Continue option.
  5. Then, the account of the user will be verified for which a code will be provided to the user on the recovery options that they will select. 
  6. As in this particular case, the user has no access to the phone number, they are required to select recovery via email option. 
  7. After that, a verification code for PayPal account password reset will be provided to the user. 
  8. Now, the user needs to provide that particular code and click on the Continue option. 
  9. And once the account is verified, the user will be provided with an option to reset the password of their PayPal account. 
  10. Now, the user is required to enter the new password for their account and click on the Save button. 
  11. After that, the user can try accessing their PayPal account using the new password. 

Hence, in this way, the user can easily recover their PayPal account easily. In case, if the user fails to recover their PayPal account they can contact the support to seek assistance related to PayPal account recovery. Further, for the users who are not aware of how to contact the support they can read this article for more information. 

Contacting PayPal helpline

Indeed, PayPal offers its customers with the finest services but there are times when users seek assistance to resolve various matters related to their payments. So, to help out the users in such situations, PayPal introduced PayPal helpline number where one can seek assistance to resolve various issues related to their PayPal account. Also, one can contact the helpline anytime during the day, even from remote locations.  Hence, this was the complete details about PayPal account recovery that one needs to know. So, follow the instructions carefully and easily recover your PayPal account. 


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