How do I sync my Comcast Contacts with my iPhone?

Syncing your contacts with your iOS device's address book

  1. On your home screen, open your iOS Settings.
  2. Select Accounts & Passwords.
  3. Select Add Account.
  4. Select Other.
  5. Select Add CardDAV Account.
  6. As server, enter "".
  7. Add your email address and your password.
  8. Tap Continue and Save.

How do I check my Comcast email?

Sign in to Your Comcast Email Account or Voicemail Service

  1. Visit and click the Email or Voice. 
  2. Enter your Xfinity ID and password and click Sign In.
  3. After signing in, you'll be redirected to Xfinity Connect, your dashboard for Comcast email and voicemail service.
  4. Access your email account by clicking Mail or your voicemail by clicking Voice.

How can I access my old Comcast email?

Recovering Deleted Email

  1. Go to and log in with your email address and password.
  2. Go to the mailbox by clicking on the Email tab.
  3. Right-click on the Trash folder or click on the More Actions icon (three lines) next to the trash folder, then select Recover Deleted Items.

How long will my Comcast email stay active?

nine months

According to the Comcast support page found here, “you can still use your email address if you logged into your account in the 90 days prior to disconnecting your service. Your email account will remain active as long as you access it at least once every nine months.”

How do I permanently delete Comcast emails?

Steps to Delete your Comcast Emails

  1. Login to your account from where you want to delete emails in Xfinity.
  2. Go to the emails tab.
  3. Select the Inbox folder and then go to the icon next to it.
  4. A menu will be opened from where you can select the 'Delete all Messages' option.
  5. Now your inbox will be emptied.

How do I kick someone off my Comcast account?

Sign in to My Account or the My Account app and click or tap the Services tab/icon. From the Services page, under Internet, click Manage Internet. Scroll down to Xfinity WiFi Hotspot Connected Devices and click Manage Devices. Click Rename to edit your device name.

How do I remove an address from my Comcast account?

We've got documentation for that right here! You can view the accounts your Xfinity ID is linked to by navigating to the Linked Accounts section of Account Details on the Settings page. In order to unlink from an account, you can select the Unlink action next to the desired account.

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