How do I Unlink PayPal From Ps4?

As it is important to know the ways over the same concern to unlink PayPal from ps4 for security reasons and in order to not continue the subscription of the plans.ps4 users can also use PayPal as a payment method to make purchasing on the play station without entering your financial details. As it could be possible too, users are willing to close their PayPal account due to some financial reasons or due to some personal reasons. We have listed below accurate steps to unlock PayPal from ps4.

Steps To Follow To Unlink PayPal From ps4

  1. ·        First, you have to navigate the authentic webpage of the ps4 home screen.
  2. ·        Concurrently, you have to sign in to your PlayStation network with the authentic already generated credentials of login details.
  3. ·        Now you have to navigate to the option of settings in order to proceed further to make changes or to unlink PayPal from ps4.
  4. ·        A screen display showing account tab on the left where you have to tap on the Account management option.
  5. ·        At the same time a screen display where you need to tap on the Account information option to proceed further.
  6. ·        Now you have to select the wallet to edit payment methods to remove or set as default PayPal from the ps4 account.
  7. ·        Concurrently, enter your password.
  8. ·        From the list of payment methods, select the payment option carefully which you want to change, edit or remove.
  9. ·        A screen display showing you select edit card information or Delete option to unlink the PayPal account from ps4.
  10. ·        Now a screen display asking you a question that are you sure that you want to remove this payment method from your ps4 account.
  11. ·         Then, tap on the yes button.
  12. ·        Now follow the prompts on the screen to complete the process to unlink the PayPal account form the ps4 account.

If you are changing your preferred payment method don’t baffle for anything, it will not affect your billing agreements, subscriptions or recurring payments. You can update your payment preference on billing agreements subscriptions, or recurring payment at any time and from any place in your account. 

If still, you are willing for further support, you can contact directly to the Player Support team.  



How do I change my PayPal account on ps4? please help me why my Paypal not working on phone?

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