How do you Find Someone on Facebook by Name and Birthday Date?

Scroll down the list to find your friend using information such as the profile picture and location. If you see someone who could be your friend, tap the name in the list to access the person's profile. If the person's birthdate is available, you can find it on the "About" tab of their profile.

How do you find people's birthdays on Facebook?

You can also see all birthdays listed by months the same way. You can check when your friends' birthdays are any time by scrolling down.
Friends and Their Birthdays

  1. Open the Facebook app or the page on your PC.
  2. Find the “Events” tab and click it.
  3. Select the “Birthdays” option.
  4. View the birthdays of your friends.

How can I find someone's birth date?

Finding a birth date with vital records

An individual's birth certificate is the best place to look for a birth date, because it is a primary source for that information. Birth certificates are available from either the county or the state where the birth took place, depending on the year of the birth.

How do I find someone's birth date?

Fortunately, it's possible to learn the date of someone's birthday without revealing your ignorance.

  1. Look Up Their Report In Public Records.
  2. Ask For Their ID.
  3. Ask If They Share A Birthday With Someone Famous. 
  4. Check Their Facebook For Happy Birthday Messages. 
  5. Ask Friends.

How do I find someone on Facebook with only first name and city?

Select "People" and click "Search." On Facebook, enter the person's name and city in the search box at the top of the page and press "Enter." Regardless of the social network you use, you might have to search through several pages until you find the right match.

How do I search for exact names on Facebook?

If you don't see the person you're looking for, don't despair; you can get more results:

  1. Type the person's full name in the search box.
  2. Click See More at the bottom of the search menu.
  3. Click the People Named option.
  4. Use the fields on the right side of the page to zero in on your actual friend.

How do I find someone on Facebook by last name?

Just visit Facebook family search page at and enter your last name or surname here. Then click on search. Facebook will instantly display everyone with this specified last name or surname. Facebook family search is a great tool to find people around the world that have same last name or surname.


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