How Do You Fix a Facebook Not Loading Properly?

If you face the problem that Facebook account not working properly and you don’t know how to fix this problem. There are some solutions discussed below that can be helpful for you:

I.Check internet connectivity

  1. First thing you must do is check you internet connection as Facebook can be used with internet connection only. Open any other page on your web browser if it is working properly then restart your computer to make a fresh connection.
  2. You can also check that the internet device you are using is connected properly with your system or not.

II.Clean cache and temporary files from your device

  1. When a number of temporary files are stored in your system they fill up the free space on your device and start creating problems such as slowing down the device.
  2. To clean up the memory of your device and make it run efficiently you have to delete these cache and temporary files from your system that either you can do manually that is very time taking.
  3. You can also use cleaning software to make the deletion process more convenient and easy.
  4. If you are facing the problem Facebook not loading properly in your mobile device then also you need to clear the cache and data files from your mobile by using any cleaning app.

III.Fix web browser issue

  1. You can also check if there is any issue with the web browser you are using to open your Facebook account.
  2. If you are using Chrome the steps to fix the problem are given below:
  3. Go to Chrome settings and select extensions
  4. Tap delete option available under each extension to delete the unwanted extensions
  5. Or you can choose advanced settings from Chrome settings and tap reset settings
  6. If you are using Firefox try the steps given below:
  7. Choose open menu on Firefox then click Add-ons
  8. From the options extensions and plugins go through both to delete unwanted extensions and plugins
  9. After fixing the problem with your browser again visit to Facebook log in page hopefully now it will load properly.

IV.Check for virus and malware

  1. You can check the antivirus you are using on your device is working effectively because sometime while you visit a website some viruses enter your system and cause problem afterwards.

If you are not able to fix Facebook loading error by yourself you can contact Facebook customer support through various available ways such as Facebook live chat support that is one of the most used and easy way to get your problem fixed.

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