How Do You Fix Error Code 643 in Windows 7?

Microsoft has come so far with its various versions of Windows OS. Almost every year the company updates its overstating system in terms of versions, security, theme, etc. But there is no need to be surprised to know that huge part of users still uses Windows 7. Yes, that’s absolutely right. Windows version 7 has been a revolutionary operating system and offered great features as in simple user interface, security, and much more. However, the later Windows versions such as 8, 8.1, and 10 are also as excellent as Windows 7.

Despite all this, Windows users especially who are still working on version 7 and 8 faces error code 643 regularly.  This error code generally appears due to various reasons such as:

  1. Software Malfunction
  2. Spywares or virus
  3. Windows registry problems
  4. NET Framework issues
  5. Corrupted files, etc

This error code affects the Windows update process and does not let its users to work properly. Well, users should not worry if they see such error in their computer as it is completely resolvable. Hence, this article will work as a guide to fix error code 643 on Windows PC devices.

  1. Methods To Fix Error Code 643 In Windows 7
  2. Method One: Try Disabling Antivirus Installed In PC

It is strongly recommended to turn off any antivirus especially third-party security programs while the Windows is updating itself. Why? Well there are several Non-Microsoft plug-ins or tools that helps Windows in updating its self. That is why, it is important to disable antivirus that can prevent these tools or plug-ins from updating Windows OS.

Method Two: Troubleshooting Internet Connection

Since, all the Windows updates depends solely on internet connection for downloading process, it is important to ensure that the internet connection is intact. To do this,

  1. Open up Start menu
  2. Navigate to control panel
  3. Click on Network & Connection
  4. lick on Troubleshoot problems at the bottom and then click on Internet Connection
  5. In the pop window, click on next and then select “Troubleshoot my connection to the internet”. This will help in solving any issues related to internet connection.

Method Three:  Try Updating Network Adapter Drivers

  1. ·         Open up Start menu
  2. ·         Scroll to Computer & right-click on it
  3. ·         Select Manage and then The Computer Management on the top
  4. ·         Scroll to Device Manager and click on it
  5. ·         On the right, right click on Network Adapters and then click on Scan for hardware changes. This will update all the network adapter drivers.

Method Four: Try Reinstalling Microsoft .Net Framework

  1. ·         Launch Start Menu
  2. ·         Scroll to the Control Panel
  3. ·         Click on Programs and then on Programs & Features
  4. ·         Find Microsoft.Net Framework and then uninstall it
  5. ·         Restart your PC  and then update Windows 7

Therefore, aforementioned method on How do you fix error code 643 in Windows 7? will make sure that you’ll be able to update Windows 7 easily. You can also visit to the Microsoft authorized service center to get further assistance.

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