How To Book Austrian Airlines Cheap Flights?

Austrian Airlines is the flag carrier of Austria. It has a fleet size of 83 and serves to 130 destinations. The airline is headquartered at Vienna International Airport in Schwechat. If you are planning to fly with Austrian airlines but are worried about your budget then don’t worry. Here are a few ways by which you can book Austrian airlines cheap flights tickets and plan a travel under your budget.

1. Search engines

If you want to book cheap flight then you need to do some extensive research. Search on different search engines and websites as prices are different everywhere. Compare the fare and look for the site providing cheapest tickets. However you need to make sure that you search in incognito mode. This is because every website uses cookies and so they increase their prices if a certain route is repeatedly searched by someone.

2. Advance booking

If your plan is made and your travel dates are fixed then you can book your tickets in advance. If tickets are booked 1-2 months in advance then their fare reduces compared to tickets booked few days before departure. These tickets are costlier. Therefore it is better to buy in advance.

3. Cheapest day and month

Passengers can also find the cheapest day and month to fly out of the airline. Every airline has some specific days when the fares are low like weekdays. Passenger can find such days and book their tickets for those days. Also certain months when the rush is less the prices are less. Passengers can avoid the peak months when more people travel. Passenger can find the cheapest months and day on the airline’s website in their calendar.

4. Red eye flight

You can also book Austrian Red eye flight. These are the flights that travel at late night. These flights depart late at night after 9:00 am and arrive early in the morning like at 5 or 6 a.m. Fares for such flights are generally low as passengers have to travel all night.

5. Offers

You can also look out for various offers that the airline provides. Many times airlines release promotional offers or sale fares. The prices are very low on these tickets. Passengers can avail these offers and sale and book cheap tickets.

6. Discounts

Airlines also offer numerous discounts like student discount, couple discount, senior citizen discounts, military discounts and so on. Passengers can avail these and get reduce their ticket price.

7. Miles

Another way to book cheap fights is to use the points or miles earned by passengers on their earlier travels. Passengers can redeem these miles to pay for their tickets. However this can be done only if a passenger has enough miles. The option to use your miles appear at the time of ticket booking. Passengers can see in their account if they have sufficient miles and then use it.

8. Group booking

If many people are willing to travel then they can do group booking. This is because on group booking many offers can be availed and also the ticket prices reduce.

9. Travel agent

How to get  Austrian airlines Reservations Number?

Passengers can also book through a travel agent. Travel agents can also offer cheap tickets as they buy in bulk and also they have connections with airlines because of which they get better offers. So you can take a help of travel agent to book your flight.

If you want to book Austrian airlines tickets then you can do it through their website or by calling on the Austrian airlines booking number. The steps to book tickets online are:

  1. Open Austrian airlines website.
  2. Go to the ‘Book’ option.
  3. Enter the type of trip you want- one way, round trip etc.
  4. Now mention your departure and arrival location.
  5. Enter your travel dates.
  6. Fill the details of passengers.
  7. Now search for flights.
  8. You can then choose the one you want.
  9. After it follow few on screen instruction and pay for the flight.
  10. Your ticket will be booked.
  11. Passengers can also book their tickets by calling the Austrian airlines reservations number if they do not want to book tickets online. They can share their details with the executive and get their tickets booked.

In case passengers face any problem while booking their tickets or have any issue regarding the reservation policy then they can contact the Austrian airlines customer service center. They are highly skilled and technically trained people. They will provide all the solutions and information.

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