How to contact Google Android Customer Service Number?

Google serves its users with a lot of services and applications. In order to resolve the issues faced by users, Google has introduced technical support department. In this department, the users can discuss issues related to Google services. Other than this, Google also offers help for android issues.

If a user is facing any issue related to Google in Android device, Google android customer service can be easily contacted. The department resolves all the Google android issues. Some of the commonly faced issues resolved by the department are mentioned below:

  1. This department allows the user to contact the manufacturer of the android device in order to get the issue resolved.
  2. If a user is needs help in adding or removing accounts from the android device, this support center can be contacted.
  3. When the apps are not getting downloaded or installed from the Google Play store, the user can ask for help. This is the default play store in all the android devices.
  4. If the user is facing issue in disabling or deleting the account, the customer support of Google android can be contacted.
  5. In case, the user wants to make any changes in the settings of android device and unable to do so, the Google android customer support can be contacted and they will help the users.
  6. Further, if the user wants to get help for locked android device, protection from faulty apps, security settings, prevent other users from using the device, Google android technical support can be contacted.

How to contact Google Android Technical Support Number?

Other than this, if a user is facing issues with in-app purchases, it should be resolved by the user on its own, The Google android support will not be able to help in these kinds of issues as it is app’s internal functionality. For this, the users can contact the developer team of the application and its details are easily available on the Google Play store. The basic troubleshooting steps involved in resolving issues of android apps are as follows:

  1. The user can try checking the internet connectivity by verifying that mobile data or Wi-Fi is working properly. If not, internet service provider can be contacted.
  2. In the next step, the user should stop the app forcefully. It should be started again after a few seconds. It can be done in the settings option of android device.
  3. If a user has paid for any application and the payment did not go through, the user needs to check Google Play Store application.
  4. If any issue comes up with the Google apps in android device, it might get resolved by restarting the device. The user can try using the apps after restarting the device as it might start working.
  5. If the app does not work properly, the user should look for the update of the app. If any update is available, the app usually stops working.
  6. For the proper functioning of applications in an android device, a user should check the date and time of the device.

If still the issue persists, the user can try contacting the developer of the app for help. By contacting the app developer:

  1. The user can get help regarding the issue with the android app.
  2. The user can get more info about the app which makes it easier to use.
  3. The queries related to in-app purchases will get resolved.
  4. The help regarding sign-in issues with username and password for specific applications.

If nothing works, the user can simply go to the returns and refund on Google Play and ask for a refund. Google and the app developer will help the user in getting refund for genuine cases.

To get in touch with the support, user can dial Google android phone number and ask for help. They can be contacted using phone, email or live chat support. The user can choose any option as per convenience and get the assistance. The technical person will assist the user with best technical help related to the issue for better service. The details for contacting the department are available on the official website.

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