How to Contact Google photos customer service?

Google Photos is a useful feature which has a strong bond with Google Drive. The photos service enables the users to sync the images you back up into a folder inside Google Drive. If the users want to stop your photos from syncing, they need to turn off this feature from Google Drive desktop suite's general settings. To help the globally spread users of Google Photos, it has introduced customer care which is consistently catering satisfactory services to the users. The members of Google Photos customer support are highly trained and enabling the users in dealing with Google Photos efficiently. Here are the top 20 tricks to handle Google Photos.

  1. ·      Play with search
  2. ·      Show a slideshow
  3. ·      Label with people
  4. ·      Create a new live album from an old album
  5. ·      Pinch to change your view
  6. ·      Batch upload to YouTube
  7. ·      Upload Other App's Images
  8. ·      Do not share your location with Google Photos
  9. ·      Quick select images by holding your finger on a picture to select
  10. ·      Save device storage
  11. ·      Save space by converting the uploaded images
  12. ·      Make sure that the images are on Google Drive show
  13. ·      Apply the same edits to multiple shots
  14. ·      Create collages, animations, and more
  15. ·      Save a copy while editing any photo
  16. ·      Auto-upload from Windows or Mac
  17. ·      Make your back-up with Wi-Fi only
  18. ·      Download all Google Photos
  19. ·      Navigate to Settings and share a library automatically
  20. ·      Peak Inside with Google Lens

How do I see my Google Photos?

Getting in touch with these professionals is easy if a user prefers to invite them on live chat or dial Google Photos phone number. They, who are backed by in-depth domain knowledge, have been catering classy support services as per the exact requirements made by the users. However, the helpline number overtakes chat support in terms of the popularity chart. Email support comes next as it is used in making the callback requests. Here are some of the best workarounds presented by the experts of Google Photos.

The issue with photo recognition

Your photo search relies on photo recognition as well as the location along with the metadata of each photo. Turn ON location saving from the camera app if you want the search feature in Google Photos. It will help you in searching the photos along with the location of clicking those photos.

How do I get Google photos on my desktop?

Do you have an issue with the storage?

The users of Google Photos sometimes face issues with their unlimited storage feature. It uploads with unlimited storage, but it is not retroactively applied. If you upload a photo with its full resolution, it will take up space in your Google Drive. You will face a problem if the storage is full.

  1. It offers 100GB space for $2/month
  2. 1TB space for $10/month
  3. 10TB space for $100/month

Are you a victim of this problem? If yes, you are requested to upgrade the storage plan. You can prefer any of the storage plans listed here.

Issues related to the uploading speed

Photo uploading speed is the first issue faced by the users of Google Photos. You need to invest some time to upload them one by one if you ate trying to upload a series of photos. So, we suggest the use of Google Photos Back, i.e., desktop uploader. It will reduce the upload time. In this regard, you just need to download the desktop application from the official website of Google Photos. Make sign in to your account. The officers of Google Photos customer service also suggest you keep in mind that the full-size upload will take your Google Drive storage space. It will upload unlimited photos with free storage if you choose High Quality.

Sync photos with the Google Photos

You can view and manage your photos/videos in both Google Photos and Google Drive. The Google Photos service enables the users to configure the photos you back up into folder inside Google Drive. Did you install Google Drive on your computer? If yes, you will be able to get all your photos to be available from your computer. In that case, the photos will be synced seamlessly. But yes, it will take up your hard drive space as the photos backed up into the cloud. Manually delete them if you are willing to save space. 

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