How to Convert MP4 to MOV and Vice Versa?

  1. Download, install and launch Wondeshare Video Converter MP4 to MOV
  2. Add MP4 files.
  3. Edit MP4 video (Optional).
  4. Select MOV as Output format.
  5. Convert MP4 to MOV Mac/Windows.

How do I convert a .mov file?


  1. Click Select Files. It's a grey button near the top of the page.
  2. Select your MOV file. Click the MOV file that you want to convert into an MP4.
  3. Click Open. It's in the bottom-right side of the window.
  4. Click the mov ? box.
  5. Select video.
  6. Click mp4.
  7. Click Start Conversion.
  8. Wait for the video to finish converting.

How do I convert mp4 to MOV on Mac?

How to Convert MP4 to QuickTime/MOV?

  1. Import MP4 files into the Converter. After running the MOV converter on your computer, simply click "Add Files" to import the MP4 videos to the converter.
  2. Choose MOV as Output Format.
  3. Select the Output Folder.
  4. Change MP4 to MOV.

How do I convert mp4 to MOV handbrake?

Transfer video to iPhone, iPad, Android and other devices easily.

1. Handbrake

  1. Run Handbrake on your Mac and click Source.
  2. Add your desired MP4 files to be converted to . mov and then hit Browse to specify the destination folder.
  3. Choose MOV as the output format and click Start to begin MP4 to MOV conversion on Mac.

How do I convert QuickTime to mov?

To convert your video to the QuickTime format, go to Video above the presets ribbon and find the MOV group. Click to expand it and select the preset that best suits your needs. If you need to convert QuickTime to MP4, AVI, or another format, simply look for the appropriate preset group on the list.

How do I convert m4v to MOV?

Step 1: Open on your computer browser. Click Drag & Drop or Hit to Add File to load M4V files from your PC/Mac. Step 2: Choose MOV as the target format from the Convert all files to: drop-down list and the Video tab.

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