How to Create LinkedIn Company Page?

A LinkedIn Company Page helps others learn more about your business, brand, products and services, and job opportunities.

Note: You must first create a LinkedIn profile with your real first and last name before you can complete the below steps to create a Company Page.

To create a Company Page:

  1. Click the  Work icon in the top right corner of your LinkedIn homepage.
  2. Click  Create a Company Page.]
  3. Enter your Company Name and choose a URL. All Company Page URLs will structured as[YOUR COMPANY NAME].
  4.                   3.- 1While the name of your Company Page doesn't need to be unique, the public URL for your page cannot be the same as one that exists on  LinkedIn. LinkedIn members and search engines will use this unique URL to find your page.
  5.                    3.2- Please review the Company Page URL requirements below.
  6. Check the verification box to confirm you have the right to act on behalf of that company in the creation of the page.
  7. Click the Create page button.
  8. If you don't have a confirmed email address associated with your LinkedIn account, you'll be prompted to add and verify your email address.
  9. A red error message may appear if your LinkedIn account has recently been created or you don’t have enough connections. Learn more about how to build your professional network.
  10. Click Get started on the welcome screen to begin editing your Company Page.
  11. Your Company Page URL:
  12. Must contain at least one non-numeric character.
  13. Can be a lowercase alphabet, numeric, hyphen, or Chinese, Japanese, or Korean (CJK) Unicode.
  14. Must not include more than one consecutive hyphen (i.e. company--name) and can't have a hyphen at the beginning or end (i.e. -company-name or company-name-).
  15. Note: Any improper characters will be automatically replaced with a hyphen.

To publish your Company Page, you must include a company description (250-2000 characters including spaces) and company website URL. Keep in mind that a preview of your Company Page is not available. When you publish the page, it is live on

Once you’ve created a Company Page, we recommend sharing this information with other employees at your company, such as your Human Resources department, and adding additional admins to the page, in case an admin loses access to the page or leaves the company in the future. LinkedIn can’t provide Company Page admin information to members or replace or remove admins. Learn more about requesting to become an admin of a Company Page.


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