How to Fix Android Facebook Error 602?

Facebook is one of the mostly used social media applications these days. People spend almost half of their time on social media chatting or browsing online. Also people mostly forget passwords of their accounts too. But sometimes apart from forgetting passwords of account, Facebook also stops working because of some technical errors. One such common error is Android Facebook error 602. Such kinds of errors basically occur when someone is trying to log into one’s account. There might be several reasons of Facebook not working. To know more, you can refer to below points.

Common reasons of Facebook not working:

  1. While browsing internet we visit a lot of unwanted pages and their search history gets saved. And the cache memory gets collected that affects the working of application
  2. Sometimes because of these cache files a lot of virus enters the device too that affect the working of Facebook
  3. Maybe you haven’t updated your device and maybe that’s why you are not able to use your application properly
  4. Also maybe your wifi or internet is not working properly maybe that’s why Facebook doesn’t work
  5. Once you know the reasons you will also find the solution to fix Facebook error code 602. To find out more head over to below points

Basic hacks to fix Facebook error code:

  1. Navigate to the Facebook application installed in your phone
  2. Click and open the application
  3. Go to the settings and click on storage
  4. Next clear all the cache files and data
  5. Once done disable the app and remove it
  6. Now reset and download the updated version of the application
  7. If application does not open or run, you can also check for the proper wifi connection
  8. May be there is virus in your device that’s why your application is not working
  9. If the web page doesn’t open then maybe the server is down. Wait till the application gets enabled on its own
  10. You can even reboot your phone and see if it starts working
  11. Or if nothing feels right you can even reset your whole device and see how it responds

And you are done with fixing your Facebook error. Or if problem still persist then you can even contact customer support and connect to Facebook live chat support. You can tell them about your issue or query and wait till they fix it. The customer care team will be in touch with you till your problem doesn’t get resolved.

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