How To Fix Facebook Error 368?

A popular social networking website which is among the well-known and widely used online social media is Facebook. It is compatible with all platforms and can be accessed on devices such as computers, smartphones and tablets.

While using Facebook, the basic requirement is internet connectivity. For accessing the Facebook account Recovery online, a user needs to register by Signing-up for the account with personal info. Once the account is registered with Facebook, it can be easily used to share photos, videos, messages, posts, etc. Other than this, if a user wants, they can use embedded apps, join groups or works for media coverage. In order to share the instant messages, Facebook messenger is used by the users. Nowadays while using messenger users encounter error 368. This error might be due to the issue of storage space, media stores in app, related file got deleted, etc. If a user wants to know how to fix error 368 on messenger, then firstly the info about symptoms and causes is required.

1- Symptoms of Error 368

  1. Error 368 appears of the device screen and then the active program window gets crashed or abruptly closed.
  2. The device crashes frequently with Error 368 whenever the same program is running.
  3. The messenger screen gets an error message of Facebook error 368 on the screen.
  4. When the operating system is responding slowly to software and hardware devices, it might be due to Error 368.
  5. The device freezes for few seconds resulting in slow processing.

2- Causes of Error 368

  1. This error might be a result of corrupted download or incomplete installation of Facebook messenger app in a device.
  2. Another reason could be corruption in the operating system registry from any Facebook related changes.
  3. Any malware or virus might be affecting the program files of Facebook which will corrupt the app.
  4. If any files related to Facebook are deleted, it will affect the messenger and its working.

To resolve the error 368 facebook messenger iPhone, a user can follow the below mentioned troubleshooting steps:

3- Restart iPhone

When the iPhone is not working properly due to error 368, the user can try restarting the device and check it again. The issue might get resolved by this turning off and on of an iPhone. This is the basic troubleshooting step. For this, the power button is pressed and held till slide to power off appears. By swiping it right, the phone will be turned off.

4- Close Messenger app

The user can try closing and reopening the Messenger app. The issue might be due to the app crash or due to software issue. So, closing the app and restarting it after few moments might get the issue resolved.

5- Messenger update

The Facebook messenger might not be working properly due to outdated version. The user is required to check for the any available update as updating the app might resolve the issue.

6- Uninstall and install messenger

Another fix that might work for the user is uninstalling the Facebook messenger app and reinstalling it again. The account will not get deleted with this, only the user will be logged out. To use it, the user simply has to enter the login details to use the messenger.

7- Internet connectivity

The error 368 might be coming up due to internet connectivity issue of iPhone to Wi-Fi. It can be checked by turning off and on the Wi-Fi connection on iPhone. All these troubleshooting steps might resolve the Facebook messenger error 368 on the iPhone.

If still any issue comes or some query is there, the technical support of Facebook can be contacted. All the details required for contacting the support department could be found on the official website of Facebook.

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