How To Fix Facebook Not Responding on Phone?

Try out the following methods.

  1. Re-log into Facebook. Log out and log into Facebook, or turn off and turn on your phone.
  2. Clear Facebook cache. 
  3. Strong internet connection. 
  4. Check memory space on iPhone or Android. 
  5. Update Facebook. 
  6. Update Android or iOS system.

Facebook is the leading social media app which makes the users connects with the friends and families in the digital world. The features are excellent and well known by most of the users.

How to fix Facebook Wot Working on Mobile?

First, open Android's settings and check your available storage. If your device has less than 100 MB of storage available, you may need to clear some space to allow the app to update. If that doesn't help, log out of the Facebook app and then try the download once more.

  1. Launch Google Play Store form your Phone.
  2. Move to ‘My Apps’ section and for the same, slide the menu bar and there you will find My App option.
  3. Under the same, you will get the applications which you have installed. Select Facebook.
  4. Thereafter, you will see the ‘Update’ button on the right end; tap on it.
  5. Wait for some time to complete the process.
  6. Now, restart your phone and launch the Facebook app.

Apart from the app, users also access the Facebook from the browsers. This is also the conventional method, but some users reported the issue “Facebook is not opening in any browser”. It simply means you need to reset the phone to overcome this issue. If Facebook is not supporting in one browser, then you can clear the cookies, caches and can re-install the browser. But, it is not opening in any browser, indicates that problem is from the end of the phone.


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