How to Fix Gmail or Google Sync Experiencing Problems?

Google has served its users with the best products and services which are widely used to get the best of technology. The services such as Gmail, Google search, Google drive etc. are commonly used due to their authenticity and efficiency.

If a user has an android device and Google account is being accessed on that, it might be possible that sync issue of Google account is there. A user comes to know about the issue when an error comes up on the screen saying Sync is currently experiencing problems. Usually the sync issues faced by a user are temporary. It is back in sync after a few minutes and will start working properly. But if the issue keeps on disturbing, below mentioned solutions can be tried:

How to Fix Google Sync Experiencing Problems?

Manually syncing of Google account

  1. Initially the Setting’s app in the device is opened.
  2. Then, the option of Accounts is tapped under Settings.
  3. After that, the account which is causing the sync issue is tapped and selected.
  4. Further, the user needs to click on Account Sync option on the phone.
  5. Finally, the More option with three dots is clicked and Sync now option is chosen for completing the Google sync manually.
  6. These steps might help the user with the issue of Google sync experiencing problems.

Basic Troubleshooting steps

  1. If a user needs an automatic sync option, auto-sync should be turned on.
  2. For syncing Google account, the internet connection should be proper. To check the internet connection, users can try loading websites on different browsers.
  3. In order to sync the Google account, user should needs to ensure that Google account is signed-in. If it is not allowing the access, firstly account needs to be recovered.
  4. The user should check for device system update. If any update is available, the system should be updated as outdated system might not be compatible.

How to Fix Gmail Sync Experiencing Problems?

Advanced troubleshooting steps

  1. The user can try removing and then re-adding the Google account in the device. It might resolve the issue.
  2. Another way to fix is the issue is force syncing of Google account. It can either be done by changing the date and time settings or using the phone app.
  3. The cache and data might be causing the issue, so it should be cleared from the device.

All these steps might help the user in resolving all the issues related to Gmail sync experiencing problems.

For any help related to Google services, a user can contact the technical support center of Google. The technical experts are there to assist the users for better solutions. They can be reached out using phone, email or live chat support option. To get in touch with them, the user needs to avail the info mentioned on the official webpage of Google.



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