How to Fix Google Maps Location Not Updating Issue?

People love to explore and discover new places and meet new people from the old times. Hence they used to carry physical maps along with them. But now as the times have been developed and people advance, there are new ways to find a new route to meet new people. And this advancement has led to the introduction of Google Maps by Google. 

This is such an application developed by Google for the users which are used to direct them with directions based on the location entered. Google Maps also depicts nearest cafes, restaurants, hospital along with the indication of traffic. Hence, because of its so many interesting features, it is the most preferred application by which the user is also fond of. It has resulted in a good performance and has become the favourite application for the users ever since it has been introduced. But nothing is bread and butter and hence people may face issues even with Google Maps. So, if you are such a user who is facing issues Google Maps not working issue and finding the resolution for it, then you may read the article further. 

Different Issues Faced By Google Maps!

  1. Google Maps not opening.
  2. The server of Google maps is not responding.
  3. Google Maps location not uploading on any device.
  4. Airplane Mode turned on by mistake.
  5. Google Maps has not allowed with permission to access the device location. 

And there can be many other reasons which may result in the application not working issue. But nothing in this world which is man-made is without resolution. Hence this problem also has a resolution. And to know how to get the Google Maps issue fixed one can refer the article further. 

Ways to Fix Google Maps Issue! 

  1. First and foremost check the internet connection. If it is not working properly then you may contact the service provider and get the complaint registered. 
  2. Then also check if cookies, caches and thumbnails are accumulated in the application. If yes, then clear all the cookies data to able to work Google Maps easily. 
  3. The user can logout and then log into the account again to get the issue of Google Maps location not responding resolved. 
  4. Another way to get the issue fixed is by uninstalling and then installing the application again. 
  5. The user can also try to turn on and then turn off Airplane mode from the device. 
  6. Check if Google maps have the permission to check the location is enabled or not. 
  7. Then also do not forget to turn in the GPS of the device from the settings option of either Android device or iPhone. 
  8. Also, do not forget to check the latest version of the Google Maps application you are using. If not updated then update the same so that it can work smoothly. 

Therefore, with the help of the above resolutions, we hope that the issue with your Google maps must have been resolved. But in case your issue persists then you can choose to reboot your device maybe that can resolve your issue.

Still Issue Persists? Contact Google Customer Service!

If the user is still facing the issues then he can contact Google customer service. This customer service is 24/7 active on different platforms. So the user is free to contact any time irrespective of the time zone.

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