How To Fix HP Printer is Not Working Properly?

HP printer undoubtedly provides high-quality prints and delivers a hassle-free service. But also there are times when HP printer users face a problem when they try to print a document.

Seeing a problem in HP printer can be caused by any reason like the printer is not being used for a long time, poor wifi signal, cables are not connected properly. The most common problem that a user faces with HP printer is not printing color issue. Besides, if you are facing the HP Printer not working issue, them, you should go through this article to fix it.

What should you do when HP Printer doesn't work properly?

With the given steps, you would be able to fix the HP printer is not working issue.

  1. To fix the HP printer issue, you need to install the Built-In printer driver on your device.
  2. Then using the Search option, you have to open the Window for Control.
  3. Also, you need to click on the Control Panel option.
  4. You should choose the View Device and Printers option.
  5. Thereafter, under the View Device and Printers, you have to click the Add a printer option.
  6. Additionally, you have to select the HP Printer and add it to your device.
  7. Further, a list of available devices will be shown on the screen, select the printer which you want to use and click Next.
  8. After that, you have to follow the prompts and complete the installation process.
  9. Some basic steps to perform when the HP Wireless printer problems appear

Connect the printer with a cable

Connect the HP printer to your device with a cable if the HP Printer not connecting to wifi issue appears. And check if your printer works or not, if it doesn’t work, you should follow the next steps.  

Place your HP wireless printer at a new spot

If USB cable doesn’t help you, you should place your wireless printer somewhere else where the signals are high so that you will not see the glitch with your wireless printer.

Check the printer queue

You should make sure that the list of print command is not so high. It takes more time to print a document with a large file. By clearing the queue, you would be able to print flawlessly and will not see HP Printer not connecting to wifi problem.

Install the latest firmware

You should check if you are employing an older version of firmware or the latest one, if it is outdated, you should immediately update the firmware and install the latest one.

Reboot the printer

You can do that by unplugging the cords connected to your printer and after a few minutes, you can plug in the cords and start the printer. And you will be able to fix HP Printer not connecting to wifi problem.

Reset the printer

After trying all the above steps, you would be able to get rid of this printer issue. If you still see the problem, then, you should reset your HP printer and start using it without any glitch.  

With the above information to fix HP printer not working issue, you will be using your printer without any trouble. Aside from this, if you see any issue with the above steps, you can contact the customer service team of HP printer to get immediate support.

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