How To Fix PayPal Error Code 12?

Decline code 12 is an error code for PayPal Payflow and it means that it was a general decline. Typically these general declines mean that incorrect information was entered at the time of donation. There is no way to determine the exact cause, but it could be one of the following: Address Verification Security failure.

What does code 12 mean?

An error code 12 indicates a flame loss. This means that the unit is detecting a flame, but the flame is being extinguished during operation (weak flame). Common issues associated with a 12 error code include: 1) Insufficient gas supply. 2) Insufficient air supply.

What Is Declined 12 on a Credit Card?

Response Code: 12 - Invalid Transaction. The bank has declined the transaction because of an invalid format or field. This indicates the card details were incorrect. Check card data entered and try again.

"The 15005 response code means that the transaction was declined by the cardholder's issuing bank. The buyer will have to call his or her issuer for further information, as banking privacy regulations prevent the issuer from sharing the decline reason with third parties. If your merchants receive a result code 12/response code 15005, the recommended handling path for this error is to inform the buyer that the transaction has been declined, he or she should contact his or her credit card issuer for details on the reason the transaction was declined, and that he or she should use an alternative funding source for the transaction." 

Note: Sometimes the card issuing bank will deny the transaction and it will result in error code 12. In this case, PayPal does not know the exact reason for the decline. 

e.g. Some cards may be blocked from online transactions, or even cross border (international) transactions. We recommend credit card holder to call the card issuing bank to find out the real reason. 


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