How to fix Pinterest not working or loading on Chrome?

Pinterest is an emerging social networking site that helps users to get connected with each other. It also facilitates the user to promote one’s ideas, brand or a cause.   Pinterest is easy to use and provides good quality of services but due to some technical issues you may face problems with it. You can follow the basic troubleshooting steps to fix the problems that are altering the working of Pinterest on Chrome.

Why Pinterest is not opening?

If the fixes listed in Check your Pinterest iOS app didn't work, then there might be an issue with your device. Reboot your device: With how many things your iOS device is running at once, it's not unusual for the app to slow down or even crash. Simply open the Settings app, then Notifications.

While working with the Pinterest, users may occasionally face certain issues like Pinterest not Loading on chrome. To resolve the problem you can go through the following steps:

  1. First of all, make sure that you are using an updated version of the Google Chrome browser. If you are not updated to the latest version then immediately update it.
  2. Remove the Pinterest extension from the Chrome browser.
  3. Now, reinstall the Pinterest extension from the Chrome store.
  4. You should remove all the temporary files on your browser to make it clear by deleting the cache and the cookies of Chrome.
  5. Also, check and make sure that the Javascript is enabled on your Chrome browser as it facilitates the proper functioning of Pinterest. If it is not enabled, you can also try by enabling the javascript in your browser in order to show the images.
  6. As a basic troubleshooting remedy, you have to make sure that the extensions like all the ad-blocking, anti-tracking, and virus scanning extensions are disabled on your browser.
  7. If the extensions are not disabled then disable all the extensions.
  8. Also, check the working mode and make sure that you are not working in the incognito mode on your Chrome browser.

How To Fix Pinterest Not Loading On Google Chrome

This is because sometimes, the users may confront some problems while working in that mode. By following the above mentioned steps, you can easily get rid of the problem but still you are facing issues then you should contact the customer service

Types of assistance you can get with the help of Pinterest Technical Team:

If you are unable to fix the issue then you can contact the customer service and take assistance if Pinterest not working on your browser. You can get in contact with the technical team of Pinterest to avail assistance in the following situations.

  • If the Pinterest is not responding to your browser

  • If you are facing a fetal error with Pinterest

  • If Pinterest suddenly stop working

  • If you are unable to connect with the internet

Pinterest customer service provides email support, phone support and online chat support to the users to resolve their issue in case of trouble.


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