How To Fix Problems Reading or Not Receiving AOL Mail?

When you can read the old emails on your account but can’t receive emails on aol account, there can be multiple reasons for this problem.

  1. However, it’s not a tough task to fix the problem. You can use this guide to correct the problem.
  2. Check the Spam and Junk Folders-
  3. When you are not receiving the new emails into the inbox folder, you should check the junk and spam folders.
  4. Do you see your new emails there? If your answer is yes?
  5. You have created an email filter. That’s why your new emails are skipping the inbox folder and landing into the spam or trash folder.
  6. In such a case, you need to delete the email filters. After that, you will start receiving emails on aol mail account.
  7. Check the Internet Connection –

How To Fix AOL Mail Not Receiving Emails?

One of the top reasons a user can't find their emails is due to settings from a third-party email client such as Outlook or the Mail app on your phone. Chances are the settings in the program are set to delete the emails from the AOL server each time you check your mail.

How do I access my AOL email?

Access AOL Mail Through

  1. Open a web browser and log in to your AOL Mail account.
  2. Select Options.
  3. Select Account Info.
  4. In the left pane, select Account Security.
  5. Turn on the Allow apps that use less secure sign in toggle switch.
  6. If prompted, log in to AOL Mail.

Is your device connected to the internet? If not, you need to connect it.

Also, if you have slow internet, you should open the account on AOL primary mail. This is the simple aol template; it does not require high speed. So if you will use it and press the refresh button, it will sync with the aol mail server easily.
Server Problem-

  • It does not happen frequently, but sometimes, you might have an email delay issue due to the server issue.
  • When aol server is overloaded, or there is an update going on. It may take some time to forward the emails to you.
  • So you should ask for the server update through the aol mail support. They will tell you, either the problem is from their side or not.

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