How To Fix The Comcast Password Not Accepting?

We all are dependent on the internet for a lot of things. From studying online to wrapping up college work or maybe doing online shopping, the internet is one of the major requirements of our lives. And for better connectivity, all of us prefer Wi-Fi network especially if you want to watch online movies. And the Comcast Wi-fi service is one of the major service providers of the internet in the market these days. 

Comcast not accepting the account's password and why?

Due to the network issues, a lot of times Comcast Wi-Fi does not accept the password of the account. And if you are also one of the users of Comcast facing the same issue then follow the steps of Comcast account recovery. 

Steps to fix the Comcast Account Recovery 

Comcast not accepting password is one of the major issues being faced by the people accessing the Wi-Fi services. Maybe sometimes it is the issue of the network or at times the router is being reset because of which the old password is not acceptable. 

  1. First of all open, the link of the password reset in Comcast
  2. Now enter the credentials of your Wifi account and press enter
  3. In case if you don't remember the account's username then recover the username of your account first. 
  4. For security purposes, you will get a few jumbled letters that you have to arrange. Arrange the letters and now re-enter them in some other box. 
  5. Tap on continue option and now select the method with which you want to recover the lost password. 
  6. In case if you have only one option to reset the password then you won't find any kind of options. 
  7. Moving on, if you select the phone number then a recovery code will be sent to you via call or text. 
  8. Similarly, if you choose to mail then you will receive a mail link. Open the link and enter the code in the empty box. 
  9. Or in case you don't have these options then choose to answer security questions with which you will be asked a few questions related to your account. 
  10. On completing all the steps above, choose one password of your choice and enter it in the box. Re-enter the password for confirming and you are done!

Hence that's all for the steps to do Comcast password recovery. In case you have any doubt or want more information then contact the customer care team. With the help of the customer care team, you can fix the password issue. 


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