How To Fix Yahoo Mail PDF Attachment Problem?

Double-clicking on the PDF attachment within your email should open it in your PDF reader automatically.

  1.     Restart Computer. If you are unable to open PDF attachments in Yahoo Mail, first try restarting your computer or device.
  2.     PDF Viewer Check.
  3.     Download Reader.
  4.     Update Reader.

Why Yahoo mail attachment is not working?

If your browser is out-of-date, the settings may not be properly configured to open your Yahoo email attachments. Restart your computer if problems persist with downloading and viewing attachments. A restart can help resolve most attachment issues that are related to Internet connectivity.

Why can't I open an email attachment?

However, you don't have a PDF viewer such as Acrobat installed. Instead of trying to open the attachment directly from your e-mail client, save the attachment to your computer (e.g., save it to your desktop). Then, right-click the file and under Open with, choose a different program to open the file.

How do I find old attachments in Yahoo Mail?

Do you need to find all of the attachments in your Yahoo Mail? First, follow these directions to turn off conversations. Then go to the top right of your inbox, click View, and select Attachments. By sorting your inbox by attachments they will all be grouped together at the top of your inbox.



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