How to Get a Google Voice Phone Number?

If you are fed up of using your smartphone in the same old way then Google has brought to you its new and interesting way to connect to you. Google is the customer oriented company, has introduced a lot of services and products for the benefit of its users. This is such a company which not only accepts the customer feedback but also strive to achieve their expectations. 

One such service by Google and its officials is the facility of telephone service that provides call forwarding and voicemail services. This service works by providing the Google voice number which is the US telephone number. As the application of Google voice is right now in use only in the US and Canada, the phone numbers given are the US numbers. The Google voice demands Google Account be signed in for its users and the service is free of charge. Thus, the service rendered is that of providing Google voice number by means of voicemail, voice or text messages. The calls to this number are redirected to the telephone numbers that the user has entered and linked in the account web portal. 

  1. Initial release date: March 11, 2009
  2. Developed by: Google
  3. Developer(s): Google LLC
  4. Platforms: Web application, Android, iOS

How Does Google Voice Works? 

All the user in the US and Canada has the facility to place outbound calls to a domestic and international destination and callers. Google voice service is generally used by those who are doing business for any product and service. The Google voice phone number is majorly helpful for the business owners who require the promotion for any of their service or product in the market. Many other Google voice service are mentioned below. 

  1. Voicemail, 
  2. Free Text messaging, 
  3. Call history, ‘
  4. Conference calling, 
  5. Voice transcription, 
  6.  Blocking of unwanted and spam callers 

All the above services are rendered by the Google voice number that too totally free of cost. Many other rival companies also provide such service but they charge very high for their service. Hence, the maximum number of users prefer Google voice for instant help without any hassle. If you are also the one wondering to start Google voice search then you may read this article further to get to know how to set up and get the Google voice service. 

Signing Up For Google Voice? Learn How Can you Proceed 

Before starting to make sure that you have a Google Account Recovery. Google account is a necessary and basic requirement for such a service. So if you do not have the account then you can create the account then follow the steps below. 

  1. Open the web browser and go to from the search bar of the browser. 
  2. The user will be landing on Google Voice setup page. If not logged in, enter the Google email address and password and log into the account. 
  3. From the middle of the page, tap on the text box and type your city name or zip code in the space. 
  4. After typing the city name, a drop-down menu is displayed with phone numbers. Select the phone number of your choice. 
  5. To select the phone number the user is required to tap on the blue button. Google voice will then take you to the page with the original phone number for verification. 
  6. In the box that is displayed, enter the actual phone number so that you have an access right now. 
  7. The verification code will be sent to you on the phone. Type the six-digit verification code to in the space on Google voice screen and tap “Verify”. 
  8. Then tap on “Claim” option of Google voice so that you confirm that you will be using the provided number. 
  9. Tap Finish to complete the process. 

Hence, by following the steps above the user not only gets access to Google voice number but also enjoys its service. Further, for any issue the user is always free to contact Google Voice customer service number. 

Getting The Help From Google Voice Helpline 

Google voice also has a separate and dedicated customer service number. This customer number is 24/7 active and the user is free to contact Google voice helpline number any time. This helpline number is the toll-free number and has qualified customer representatives. These customer representatives are polite and quick to take action. 


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