How To Get Boarding Pass From Etihad Airways?

If you have booked a flight with Etihad Airways and looking for the options to get your boarding pass then welcome here. Boarding pass is very important as passengers are allowed to board the airplanes only after showing it to airport staff. Etihad Airways provide few options to the passengers to get their boarding pass out of which they can choose any one based on their preference. Here you will learn the complete process to get boarding pass from Etihad Airways through various options.

Online boarding pass

Etihad Airways offers the passengers to get their boarding pass through web check-in the process for which is explained below:

  1. Etihad Airways passengers can get their boarding pass online if they go for online check-in with them.
  2. Passengers need to visit Etihad Airways website and then choose online check-in option.
  3. Once online check-in page opens passengers have to provide their Etihad Airways E-ticket confirmation number and surname then tap check-in button.
  4. After check-in is done boarding pass will appear on screen passengers have to print out the same and further show at the airport.
  5. You can get your boarding pass via online check-in up to 30 hours scheduled departure

Etihad Airway Mobile Boarding Pass

Etihad Airways has recently launched this digital boarding pass option to save the wastage of paper. To get your mobile boarding pass follow the process explained  below:

  1. You can also get Etihad Airways boarding pass digitally by going for mobile app check-in.
  2. You have to open Etihad Airways mobile app and then check-in, the process for which is same as their website check-in.
  3. Afterwards your boarding pass will appear that you can directly download on your mobile phone and then show the same at the airport during check-in.

Airport boarding pass

  1. The last choice that Etihad Airways passengers have to get their boarding pass is at the airport.
  2. At airport passengers can go for kiosk check-in and then get their boarding pass print out by pay for the printout fee.
  3. Other than this the last option is to get your boarding pass from airport officer at the check-in counter.

Hope you have understood the above given information clearly discussing the ways to get boarding from Etihad Airways. For any help you can contact Etihad Airways customer support.

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