How To Recover Facebook Password Without Email And Phone Number?

When you forget your password or even when your account has been hacked, there are number of techniques offers by Facebook to recover account. It is really easy to do that but certain threats needs serious attention. To get help at such times, there is need to reach technical experts. Here, you can see resolution to the password recovery that has been suggested:

How Can Do The Facebook Password Recovery?

Use the default account recovery option: When don’t remember your last used username and Facebook Account Password Number which has been hacked, it is required for you to simply reclaim your account by using default account recovery option. It is required for you to enter your full name or your loved ones name, you may now identify your account to log in. It can help you to do Facebook password reset.

Take help from your friends: When you don’t have any access to your email address or phone number by which you created your account, you will find a way that can recover your account. When you look into email address section, it is required for you to enter your friend's email address. After that, you will get your security code, and will continue to “login” to your Facebook account.

Avail help of the family members: When you have trust issue with your friends, Facebook helps you to select a trusted family member from the friend list and click on name. When you choose one of your family members, they will get an automatic security code, you are just required to enter your code and reset your password to recover your account.

Report your account as compromised: For situations, when your Facebook account got hacked, some stranger is misusing the account by sending out only spam messages, you need to report the account as 'Compromised.' It will be helpful to you when hacker changed their password. The option will help you to enter the old password to verify. You may now use the new password and recover your Facebook account.

If any of these doesn’t works for you: If the issue is serious than an account hack, it is required for you to read the Report Abuse or Policy Violations details on Facebook Help Center. Now, you will know the suitable method to recover your account or stop it from being misused.

If any of you didn’t find the solution of the above issue helpful, you must reach Facebook Customer Service team. Tech experts will listen you properly and suggest you with solutions that are quite unique. It is ensured to you that problems will get fix quickly from the customer support end. As a user, you will be charged but that amount is too low to pay by anybody.

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