How To Recover Your Forgotten Facebook Password?

If you have forgotten facebook password and need to know the ways through which you can recover the account, go through following procedure that describes about the procedure that you can use to recover the account:

  1. Click on the Forgotten account? Link that you can find below the Password.

  2. On the next page, you can recover the account through email or phone number.

  3. If you have access to email address, then, enter the email address on the account recovery page. Click on the Search button.

  4. A mail with link to recover the password is sent on the email address.

  5. Open the mail address in the new browser.

  6. Click on the mail to recover the account.

  7. In the link there are two options using which a user can recover the account.

  8. First option that you can use to reset forgotten facebook password is enter the code on the account recovery page.

     8. Follow the instructions that are prompted on screen to recover the account.

     9. Another procedure that you can use to recover the account is to click on the link

          that has been given on the account recovery page to recover the account.

   10. Click on the link Click here to change your password

   11. On the next page, enter a new password.

   12. While resetting the password, ensure that you have made combination of small letters,

         capital letters, symbols and numbers.

   13. Click on Continue button.

   14. If you are logged into your account, facebook page gives following two options:

         > Log out of other devices: Use this option when you have doubt that someone else

            might be using your account on other devices. If simply want to log into the

            account using new password, then, use this option and get logged out, then, log in

            using new password.

         > Stay logged in: If you use this option, then, to reset facebook account you need to

             go to settings and then, reset the password, log out of your account and then, log in


         Click on Continue button.

   15. If you have logged out of account, then, reset the password according to instructions

         prompted on the screen.

   16. Using any of the above method, a person can recover forgotten facebook account.

   17. If you wish to use the method of recovery of the account through phone number, then,

         after clicking the Forgotten account link, you need to enter phone number on the

         account recovery page.

   18. On the next page, facebook shows all the account that have been saved using this


   19. If you have single account linked with your number, then, click on This is my account


    20. If there were multiple account, then, click on This is my account button next to the

          account that you wish to recover.

    21. Click on Continue button.

    22. A code is sent on the phone number to recover the account.

    23. Enter the code on the account recovery page.

    24. Click on Continue button.

    25. Follow the on screen instruction.

If you need any kind of assistance to recover forgotten facebook account, you can take the assistance of experts to recover facebook account. Customer care facility is available round the clock.

If your requirement is to recover the account on Android, go through following procedure:

  1. Open the chrome browser.

  2. On the chrome browser, enter the web address of facebook and click on the link to recover forgotten password.

  3. Follow the steps as prompted on screen. Steps are as mentioned above.

Use the above procedure to recover forgotten facebook account.


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