How To Recover Your Gmail Without Having Phone Number and email Address?

The recovery options available may include any of the following questions or actions, and possibly others not listed or pictured below:

  • Enter the last password you remember
  • Get a verification code by text or phone call at (it doesn't always offer both options)
  • Confirm the phone number you provided in our security settings
  • Google will send an e-mail containing a one time verification code to
  • Get a prompt on your and tap Yes to sign in
  • Answer the security question you added to your account
  • When did you create this Google account?
  • If you can, briefly tell us why you can't access your account

Follow the Step for Recovey Gmail account with Phone Number?

  • It's also possible that even with a pre-configured phone number or e-mail, and after receiving a code, the process may ask you additional questions. This can happen when Google has noted suspicious activity on the account and needs additional proof of ownership before returning the account.

  • Lost Account Name

    Accounts With 2-Step Verification Enabled

    Yes, the above account does have a lot of 2-step verification options configured as I have no intention of getting locked out of my own account.


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