How To Update Privacy in Gmail Account Recovery Settings?


Gmail is one of the best services of Google which makes it easier to send and receive emails on the internet. Along with email, a user can avail many other services of Google simply by signing-in to the account.

Update privacy in Gmail account

If a user wants to add an email signature, choosing an email to get notifications or other changes in Settings, the option of Gmail settings can be used. As the Gmail account is compatible with all the devices, changes can be made on all of them, as mentioned below:

  • Computer- To make privacy settings in computer, follow the steps mentioned below:

    1. Go to Gmail on the computer.

    2. On the top right, select Settings.

    3. Then, choose a settings page at the top such as Generals, Labels or Inbox.

    4. Make changes as per requirement.

    5. Once the user is done with the changes, click Save changes and the changes will be applicable.

  • Android- For changing the privacy settings on an Android device, below mentioned steps are followed:

    1. Open the Gmail app in the Android device.

    2. Tap the Menu of Gmail in the top left of the screen.

    3. Then, tap the option of General settings or the account in which changes are required.

    4. On an Android device, a user can change the General Settings, Gmail account settings and POP & IMAP settings for the non-Gmail addresses.

  • iPhone or iPad- If a user wants to change privacy settings in iPhone or iPad, follow the steps as follows:

    1. Tap the Gmail app on the device.

    2. on the top left of the screen, tap the Menu icon.

    3. Then, scroll down to the bottom and tap Settings.

    4. Tap the account and make changes.

    5. A user is allowed to make changes in Notifications, Labels, Mobile Signature, Swipe actions, etc.

A user can check the steps according to the device and make the changes easily. Once the changes are saved, it will be automatically updated in the Gmail account.

New feature in Gmail Account Security

  1. Google has introduced security features in which two-step authentication is mostly used as it protects the phishing attacks which are caused during the sending and receiving of emails. Google made an announcement for all G suite clients that whosoever signs in with SAML on the provider website needs to confirm their identity.
  2. Google has created a new security layer which prevents the hackers from tricking a user to click a spam link. This action makes it easier for a hacker to access the Gmail account. 
  3. Additionally, Google has made changes in two-step verification. This security is not applied to every login. Google has activated this security feature which will be verified only once per account per device. When the user once verifies a particular device, there will be no additional security. This feature is only available for Gmail users on a Chrome browser.
  4. In case, the user has lost the account info, Gmail account recovery can be followed. Once the recovery procedure is completed, the user will regain access to the Gmail account.

If the user is still facing any issue related to Gmail or other services of Google, contact the technical support team. The technical team will support the users with all kinds of info and assistance. The Google support services are available 24x7 and a user can choose the time slot as per suitability. The users will get assistance for Gmail, Google Drive, Docs, YouTube, etc. The executives can be reached using call, Gmail email or live chat support. The details of contact are provided on Google website.

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