How To Recover Forgotten Gmail Password or Forgot Gmail?

Gmail is a mailing service provided by Google. It supports sending/receiving of emails, online-advertising, large storage space, etc. Gmail is supported by all the web browsers and nowadays mostly used because of the numerous features. Its features include Google drive, Google Photos, Calendar, Youtube, etc.

In order to access all the services, a user needs to have email ID/Username and a password. If the user has these details, they can simply sign-in, otherwise sign-up process is followed to create a new account. While signing-in, if the user enters the details and are correct, it will be redirected to the required page otherwise it will give an alert that details are incorrect.

How To Recover Your Gmail Password?

Usually in the incorrect details, the password is wrong or forgotten. If the password is forgotten, the user has to follow the steps for How do I recover my Gmail password? The steps are listed below:

  1. Firstly, go to the official website of Gmail by entering the URL.
  2. Then, the user needs to click on ‘Forgot Password?’ on the sign-in page.
  3. After that, a window will be prompted which will ask to type in full Gmail email address in the field on the ‘Account Support’ page of Gmail.
  4. Then, user needs to click on ‘Next’.
  5. Now, Gmail will ask a number of questions to verify that the account is being accessed by the owner of the account only.
  6. For each of the prompted question, type-in the answer correctly and click ‘Next’.
  7. If the user can’t answer a question or not able to access the alternate email and password, try by clicking ‘Try another way’.

There is a list of questions being asked while recovering the password. The order of the questions may vary as per listed below:

  1. It may ask to enter any previous password that the user remembers.
  2. Gmail uses a two-step verification in which a verification code is sent to the alternate email or phone number.
  3. There may be a security question asked in Gmail Password recovery. It is the same question which was selected and answer was saved at the time of account creation.
  4. It may ask for the month and year of the account creation in Gmail.
  5. If any of the asked questions is answered correctly, it will verify the user as owner of the account and will give the option of changing the password.
  6. The password then can be changed and is used to sign-in to the Gmail account.

If any problem still persists, Google Support can be contacted in order to resolve the issue. The contact information of the Google tech support can be found on the official website.


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