How to Recover Gmail Password if Forgotten Everything?

Forgetting Google password has become a very known and common issue for people. With the increase in cybercrime and threats to data, people were advised to change their account passwords frequently. Resulting in this, people got confused with their old password and hence forget the new password that was recently changed. Seeing to this, people freak out and tends to forget all the information that they entered at the time of creating the account as well. Hence, if you do not know how can you recover your Gmail password then you first need to calm down and follow the instructions in this article which will help you in recovering your Google account.

Know simple steps for Recovering your account

If you do not remember any of the details entered while creating the account then it can become slightly difficult to recover your account. However, this article has provided you with the best possible solution for recovering your account.

  1. Open the web browser and go to from the search bar that is available at the top of the page.
  2. When Gmail Login page is displayed in front of you, enter the username and press “Enter”.
  3. Now as you have forgotten the password and want to reset it tap on “I forgot my password” option which is available at the top of the page.
  4. You will now be redirected to Gmail password reset page where recovery options will be displayed.
  5. As you do not remember your security question hence you can try recovering your account with the linked email or phone number by selecting the convenient option.
  6. If you select recovery using phone number then you can tap on “Send Code” option and a verification code will be sent to the linked phone number.
  7. If you have selected the linked email address for recovery then by tapping “Send Code” option then the code will be sent to recovery email.
  8. Check the code on the respective recovery option and enter the same in the space provided on screen and tap enter.
  9. Google will now allow you to create the new password and you need to create the password that is easy and strong at the same time.
  10. When you change the password with the help of either phone number or email address then you can recover your account.

Reaching Customer Support

If after following the above steps you still could not able to recover your Google account then you can contact Google support number for assistance any time.


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