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How can I get cheap flights on Southwest?

SOUTHWEST AIRLINES are renowned all over the globe for their affordable flight rates. In comparison with other flights in the business, the prices offered by the Southwest airlines are fairly low and cheap which is why the airline is loved by all the passengers traveling on a budget. Alternatively, the airlines also offer a plethora of options to book flights at an even better price. If you are curious and would like to know more, keep following. 


  1. You can opt for a Southwest airlines’ credit card that works on the principle of collecting rewards that are redeemable as points and these points can be used for booking a flight at Southwest airlines. 
  2. They also run anniversary offers on Southwest airlines’ credit card which makes you eligible to receive $6000 points as a bonus on completion of a year. 


  1. Rapid rewards program lets you book flights for an even cheaper price than the airlines’ offerings. 
  2. You can collect these points against every travel you make. It also includes hotels, flights, car rentals, and vacation bookings.Sounds good, right?


  1. You can also avail of the service of the ‘Click and Save’ option that allows you to get an update every time an offer or deal is launched on the website. This option lets you book tickets during the deal period and you can save a fortune for yourself.
  2. Apart from the above-given methods, you can always get the best price for your flight ticket if you book it in advance. Advance bookings are best for planned travels and the same can be done with the help of Southwest airlines' live person. The prices tend to rise with departure date approaching sooner.
  3. Southwest Airlines is a great option for someone looking to spend less on airfare. For more deals, you are required to visit the official website of Southwest Airlines. If you are looking for better assistance on deals and discounts, it is recommended to contact the Southwest airlines reservations customer care. They will guide you thoroughly regarding the reservations.

Southwest. The Southwestern United States is known for its arid deserts, red rock landscapes, rugged mountains and natural wonders like the Grand Canyon. The diversity of people who have lived and moved to the Southwest give it a distinctive culture and history that continues to grow and evolve today.

What is the purpose of Southwest Airlines?

The mission of Southwest Airlines is dedication to the highest quality of Customer Service delivered with a sense of warmth, friendliness, individual pride, and Company Spirit. We are committed to provide our Employees a stable work environment with equal opportunity for learning and personal growth.

  1. Customer service: 1 (800) 435-9792
  2. Bag information: In economy, two bags free. Southwest Airlines bag information
  3. Destinations: 101
  4. Headquarters: Dallas, TX
  5. Fleet size: 754
  6. CEO: Gary C. Kelly (Jul 15, 2008)

Here are 18 insanely easy ways you can save money on Southwest Airlines flights, score discounted Southwest tickets, and even get free flights!

  1. Join Rapid Rewards.
  2. Get a Southwest Airlines Credit Card. 
  3. Buy Southwest Airlines Gift Cards at a Discount. 
  4. Subscribe to Click 'N Save. 
  5. Upgrade to Business Select at the Airport.

Southwest airline has a feature of low fare calendar where passengers can search for a flight. The calendar will show the fare of flight on different days, passengers can then select the day the fare is cheapest and book flight for that day. The Southwest airlines cheap flights calendar helps passengers in getting the best fare of their flight. This thus makes the travel cheaper.

How To Search on Southwest Airlines Low Fare Calendar?

  1. Open Southwest airlines website.
  2. Tap the ‘Flight’ option given in menu
  3. Now select ‘Low Fare Calendar’ option.
  4. A page will open.
  5. Fill the details there.
  6. Select the departure and arrival location.
  7. Then select the month of the travel and search for flights.
  8. The fare for different days and months will appear.

Southwest Airlines is the low-cost and the largest carrier of America which is used by millions of people for air travel one of the reason is the schedule which is tightly followed by the airlines.

Most people want to get good travel and reasonable travel deals for the on the air ticket and southwest airlines is one of those airlines which provide various deals and offers which can be availed while making the reservation.

Low Fare Calendar

Southwest has a low fare calendar to inform people about the dates of the cheap flights via the website of the airlines, by using the low fare calendar, Southwest uses to give exciting offers to the customers, the deals which one gets usually begins from the month of June.

Benefits of Low fare calendar

  1. Easy Booking: Anyone can easily book the flight by seeing the cheapest days just by entering the travel dates.
  2. Low fare: This feature of the Southwest airlines provides the low fare deals to the passengers by showing them when they can travel cheap. For the one-way trip, the cost of the ticket starts from $45 and it is $89 for round-trip
  3. One-stop solution: Low Fare Calendar provides hassle-free service, a user don’t need to navigate to the different website for getting good deals (deals depend upon the route of the flight).
  4. acilitates comparison: The calendar provides the user to compare between the different travel periods which can be used to decide the right travel period for the passenger. 

How To Use the Southwest Airlines Calendar?

  1. Visit the website of Southwest airlines.
  2. Navigate to the section of the low fare calendar.
  3. Select the trip type (Round trip, One way or Multi-city)
  4. Enter the dates & place of departure and arrival.
  5. Enter the number of passengers, click Search.

The Southwest airlines flights low fare calendar also provides the baggage allowance with the deals on the cost of the air ticket. A passenger is able to book the international air trip on low fare.

Other ways to get a good deal(s)

  1. Go digital. It is recommended to book the tickets online, as Southwest provides information about the latest deals & offers on the online portal.
  2. Book directly. Those people who book the ticket directly from the airline get more benefits of the air deals in comparison to those who book using any online travel agency or travel agent.
  3. Book in sales. The passenger who books the ticket during the sales can get the southwest airlines deals and can book for the international destination at a low price.
  4. Use reward points. Using the reward points can make your air travel cheaper and even free in some cases.

Southwest Airlines flight change policy and procedure
One of the biggest perks of Southwest airlines is the flight change policy which allows a passenger to southwest change flight the flight ticket which is booked earlier in some cases it charge for the flight change and in some cases, they allow free flight change.

If you know that you will go to a place but don’t know when to go then you can use this low fare calendar to get southwest airlines low fare idea of which is a good time to travel.

Southwest Airlines Manage Booking

The airline also has a feature of ‘Manage Reservation’ where passengers after booking can manage their booking like they can cancel tickets, make change or view details or select seats etc. If you want to know how to manage your booking then you do it like this:

  1. Navigate to the website of Southwest airlines
  2. Tap the ‘Flight’ option.
  3. Now select ‘Manage Reservation’ option.
  4. This will open a page.
  5. You will have to now enter your confirmation number first and last name.
  6. This will open the itinerary details.
  7. After it you can manage your booking


  1. Passengers can view the details of their booking once they have logged in. They can also check the details.


  1. If there is a need then passengers can also make changes in their reservation. They can make changes with the date, time and destination. You will however have to pay a change fee.


  1. You can also cancel your tickets from there. You can select the flight that you want to cancel and pay the cancellation fee. Your tickets will be cancelled.

Select seat

  1. Passengers can also select a seat in advance. They can open the seat assignment map and select from the available seats and then pay the fee for it.


  1. There are also other services that passenger can use through the manage reservation option. They can order a meal, add bags and get update etc. In case you have any doubt or face any issue then you can contact the customer support executive of the airline and seek assistance.

What Days Are Southwest Flights The Cheapest?

The airlines like them, too. Cheapest days align with airline sales: Most Southwest airfare sales include this all-important disclaimer: "Good for travel any day except Friday or Sunday". Many JetBlue sales are even more restrictive, often good for flights on Tuesdays and Wednesdays only. Southwest no longer cheapest airline. Southwest Airlines, which built its reputation on no-frills planes and budget fares, is no longer the cheapest airline to fly.

Is Southwest the cheapest airline?

Southwest no longer cheapest airline. Southwest Airlines, which built its reputation on no-frills planes and budget fares, is no longer the cheapest airline to fly. In many cities it is the corporate travel airline of choice.

What are Southwest Wanna Get Away flights?

Wanna Get Away. Fares are nonrefundable but may be applied toward future travel on Southwest Airlines for the originally ticketed passenger only. Standby travel requires an upgrade to the Anytime fare. Fares may vary as seats are limited and may not be available on all flights and dates.

When's the best time to buy Southwest tickets?

While the best time to purchase tickets on can Southwest vary a little, a general rule of thumb is to shop Tuesday at 3 p.m. eastern time when the airline has matched other airline sale prices.

Is Southwest Airlines a low cost carrier?

Southwest Airlines Co. is a major United States airline headquartered in Dallas, Texas, and is the world's largest low-cost carrier.
Southwest Airlines.

Fleet size 754
Destinations 100
Company slogan "Low fares. Nothing to hide. That's Transfarency."



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