What is Error Code 014.30 on Roku?

Roku also known as Roku Players is an American based digital media company giving online services in form of channels. A Roku device is basically connected to a router and receives data through WiFi connection. The data received is in form of audio and video. Roku device is a unique source of personal entertainment but at times this device starts giving hard time. A lot of users have complained regarding issues in Roku device. One such common issue is error code 014.30 on Roku. Roku error 014.30 usually occurs when there is no strong internet connection because of which router is not able to stream properly. There can be many reasons of Roku error which are listed below.

Reasons of Roku error code:

  • Weak or crashed internet connection
  • Wrong password entered in the WiFi device
  • Router not connected to the device
  • Network issue while streaming channels

Once you know about the Roku error you should also know about the solutions. Roku error 014.30 can be resolved very easily through following ways.

Steps to fix Roku error 014.30:

  1. Firstly cross check if you have entered the correct password of the wifi
  2. Make sure you have placed the router near to you
  3. Unplug your router and again connect it in your socket
  4. There is an Ethernet cord attached with Roku that enables smooth functioning of the device. If it’s not working then change the wire.
  5. In case of any virus in the device that’s affecting the functioning, install an antivirus
  6. You can also re start your device and check if it’s working properly or not
  7. Reset the WiFi password with a stronger password and don’t share it with anyone to avoid hacking
  8. In case Roku is not connected to your home wifi follow these steps to connect it.
  9. Tap on settings-network-wireless-new Wifi function
  10. Connect to the username of the wifi from the list’
  11. Enter the password
  12. Once you get three green signals your device is connected to your wifi.

Hence you can follow above steps to fix one’s Roku code error. And in case you still face any issue the n you can reach out to the customer support team for more help.

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