What Needs To Be When Hotmail Not Working on iPhone?

Hotmail is an email service provider which is launched by Microsoft.It provides so many services to its user such as instant messaging ,Xbox live and so on ,so that it is used by many users in the world.

When you use Hotmail on your device then some time it does not work due to technical problem.If Hotmail not working then you need to fix this issue.We are describing some steps to fix this issue.You will have to follow given below steps:

  1. You are required to check outbox for your unsent mail:if mail is not sent from Hotmail then you need to go to the mail option, here you will have to tap on the mail box then select outbox. Now check the email address on which you have sent an email. then again tap on the send option.
  2. You are required to check email id and password: If Hotmail not responding then you need to enter a password, make sure the password you have entered is correct. If still you got any issue then you need to take help from system administrator.
  3. You are required to check the settings of phone: For this, you need to go to the settings option then click on the Account and password, now tap on the email account. Here you will have to select email address and check the settings for your mail server such as incoming and outgoing mail server setting.
  4. For POP3 email account ,you may check your email  only on one device. Then you need to close other email program and you will have to sign out all the websites which you have opened.After that go to the settings option then select accounts and password then look for POP3 account.

Why Hotmail Not Conecting?

If still Hotmail Not Connecting then you do not need to worry about it, you need to take help from administrator or Hotmail customer support. Hotmail technician are always ready for your help. They will provide you best guidance to fix all the issue related to Hotmail. They will never leave you until you will not get satisfied from their answer.



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