Why Do You See PayPal Error API Error Code 10002?

PayPal error number 1002 can occur due to various reasons. However, it only means one of two things i.e. either your account sign in credentials are not correct or the account which will receive the payments has not correctly generated proper credentials. You can easily recover this issue without getting worried about your payments being stuck in the transaction process.
Despite this, you’ll need to first understand the PayPal Pro Error: ID 10002, error which is causing you the inability of making transaction via using your PayPal API. Read the article further to learn more.

Why PayPal Error API Error Code 10002 Occurs?

If you haven’t put proper sign in information such as username, password, signature, etc into your PayPal API then this the foremost reason that might cause PayPal integration error code 10002 on your screen. Another cause would be if you have been using different credentials for your Sandbox and Live environments. Some other reasons are as follows.

  1. Your PayPal Account has been locked
  2. Account is unverified
  3. Any internal error
  4. Your receiving transactions has been over exceeded
  5. Account is restricted

So, How To Fix These PayPal Errors?

You can easily fix these issues by following the simple do’s and don’ts given below.

  1. Do no enter your PayPal API password to sign into your account. Use the credentials for your actual PayPal account to sign into your API.
  2. Use the same credentials for the Sandbox and Live environments. You’ll have to separately generate the information for both of these accounts.
  3. Change your API certificate to .txt from .pem.
  4. Switch your Test Sandbox and Live mode according to your shopping cart requirements.
  5. If you are making third party transactions then you’ll need to make sure that you have specifically granted permission to them for such thing.
  6. Ensure that you submit request to the correct environment or endpoints.
  7. Avoid putting any extra space in your username, password, signature, etc. This may also cause you issues while using your PayPal API.

Therefore, aforementioned steps are some of the common guidelines that may help you to avoid PayPal Error “API Error Code 10002”. However, after following them if you are still wondering Why do I see the error "Payment Error: (10002), then you’ll need to contact the PayPal customer services. The professional representative will surely assist your with the proper information and ensure that you do not face such issue anymore.

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