Why Google Chrome Not Working?

Google chrome is a free web browser managed by Google. It is one of the best browsers available for fast and secure browsing. Google chrome comes with various features, which make the browsing experience better. Though Chrome is very robust and problem free, you may still face some issues. So if you want to know why Google Chrome is not working, you must read this article.

Google chrome may stop responding and working for various reasons. We can fix some of them on our own without any technical knowledge. However to resolve some issues, we may need expert support. Here are some common reasons for Google Chrome not working.

  1. The Google Chrome version is outdated
  2. The Chrome browser is affected with virus or malware
  3. Chrome stops working due to some plugin or extensions.
  4. Chrome is affected with temporary data.

So if you are facing Google Chrome not working, you can try following troubleshoots.

  1. Shot the Chrome from task bar and restart
  2. Update Chrome with new version
  3. Delete the browsing histories
  4. Remove any plugin or extensions which can cause issue
  5. Check for any virus or malware in the system

If still the Google chrome not working, you must take support from experts. You can call the Google chrome technical support number and seek help.

Google Chrome Not responding

Sometimes while browsing normally, you may face Google Chrome not responding. In that you will not be able to use it. If Google chrome not responding, then you must first shut it from taskbar. Then you can restart Chrome to begin browsing. If you face the issue again, then you must analyze the cause and resolve it. You can take support from professionals for permanent solution.


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