Why Instagram Hashtags Not Working?

Utilization of Hashtags has been increased because of Instagram. It is because the users can promote their brand, business or personal means. The content can easily reach your target audience and you can easily build an online community for your brand. It's easy to unintentionally commit spammy hashtag offenses that can cause a shadowban on your account. When Instagram flags your posts or account as spam, it limits your reach to only accounts that are already following you. This means that you won't be able to reach new audiences with your hashtags.

Interruption using the Hashtags?

We have got many complaints about Instagram hashtag not working when it comes to the growth of the Instagram account.

Coming to the reasons of hashtags not working, the reasons could be choosing the wrong hashtags, or using the wrong amount. Putting them in the wrong place can also be the reason. The wrong use of hashtags can cause your posts to be shadow banned.

Let us have look at the reasons due to which Instagram Hashtags stops working:

Your account is set to “private” setting:

Your account is set to private and because of that, your posts will not be shown on hashtags pages that you have mentioned. So, if you are restricting yourself, then your Instagram hashtags cannot help you. So, to eradicate the issue, you have to go to the Instagram profile and set your account to the public.

You’re using restricted and/or banned hashtags:

Hashtags get banned because of the “Inappropriate content”. Some users don’t know if the particular hashtag is banned or not. To find out, you have to go to the explorer’s page and search the desired hashtag in the search bar. If the hashtag does not appear in the search result, it is banned.

You’re using irrelevant hashtags

If you want your post to be on the trending pages, then you should take out your time to research the right hashtag that can appeal to the target audience and attract them. you should always research what all hashtags are currently trending and how they are related to your feed and posts.

You’re deleting and re-adding hashtags multiple times

If you are editing your post again and again and removing the earlier posted hashtags and are adding new ones, then there are chances that none of them will work. So, we would recommend you to stop following this method as this will not come into use. Nevertheless, you are allowed to add 30 hashtags on Instagram. So, do your best in those 30 and avoid changing them.

Your profile might be flagged as spam due to misusing of Hashtags:

This might also be the reason for your Instagram hashtags not working. If your profile is flagged as spam, then no matter how many hashtags you add, it won’t work. It is for the people who knowingly or unknowingly do misuse of hashtags. You can make the second account and use it wisely.

We hope that now you are aware of the reason if your Instagram hashtags are not responding.

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