Why is My PayPal Not Working?

It is possible to send much more money to your friends and clients using the PayPal app. For knowledge, it is important to know that PayPal has been the largest online payment processors in the world. It is a very simple app to download and install on your Smartphone and add your account, credit card, and the debit card simply. If you have created your account on PayPal but you are getting an error message and payment isn’t being accepted, you need to check out the settings that sometimes get failed or the internet does not respond properly.

If you are still unable to find the cause that why is your PayPal not working, you must read this article to learn the best idea to fix the problem instantly. There might be various causes when you are having an error with PayPal account. But to fix all of them, it would be necessary to figure out the error and resolve the problem within a short span of the time. Thus, when your PayPal not sending money, you must check out the status that fixes the problem certainly and enjoy it at any time.  

Go through the solution that will provide you a basic idea to come over the issues instantly:

  1. First of all, turn on your PayPal app and enter the correct password to access.
  2. Now you can check out the status and then go to the settings if showing any single error.
  3. Select your credit card and check the status in order to change the settings of transaction.
  4. Now simply troubleshoot the PayPal settings that will provide you basic instructions and help smoothly. 
  5. Having done the task, you need to press the refresh button of the internet and move to the next process.
  6. Check out the PayPal account status and click on the resolution center link and select the credit card that you have added on your account.
  7. After that, click on the done button and move to the next at the end of the task.

If you are still getting the same error and this time PayPal not accepting debit card, you must have to select the billing card that will provide you information for not accepting the card. As per the techies, a card can only be linked to one PayPal account at a time when your cards statement is correct.    

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